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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    I just checked mine (administration/system page) and while I haven't seen a captcha, mine was set to enabled. I turned it off and applied the setting. AX86U here on 386.2_4. Also, I have had the issue of the router not logging out after the set time. May be related but will have to wait and...
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    [Preview] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.4 test builds

    Well now I am confused. I have that option set to No (even though the default is Yes) because of this post way back. The setting dialog is a bit confusing as to what is going to happen. If I set it to Yes, it regularly flushes the cache so that the memory watchers don't get nervous but, if...
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    [Preview] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.4 test builds

    Try removing any USB devices (from the router) and reboot the router before updating.
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 380.57 is now available

    Are you using IPV6? I noticed delays/issues when using IPV6 in the releases > 374
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.55 is now available

    Would need to do a reset of the router to factory defaults after the update to this build. Then you would need to reenter your settings. Even better would be to use the NVRAM Save/Restore tool mentioned here Save...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.55 is now available

    Check the first page of the Forums (sticky'd topic) called "Asuswrt-Merlin - custom firmware for Asus routers" In the second post is a link to the VERY informative Wiki. On the Wiki, item #8 talks about...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.53 is now available

    Search is your friend. I know he has talked about it many times.
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    User NVRAM Save/Restore Utility (R26.2)

    It totally solves this problem and works quite nicely. EDIT: The problem of having to manually enter everything that is...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.52 is available

    Loaded fine on my N66. Make sure you are trying to load the file in the Firmware Upgrade tab and not the Restore/Save/Upload Setting Tab. I did that once and was confused until I realized my mistake.