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Jan 2, 2012
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    1. Bishi
      Your HGG modified 378.50.1_HGG-FINAL is amazing for me! Apart from the fact my 2.4ghz channels break on AC68U (but I realise this is the firmware it is based on and not you!).
      Any chance of a newer firmware?! Thanks!
    2. Glendo
      Hi, could you please send me the link for the latest stable Asus RT-N18U firmware? Thanks.
    3. Maestroay
      HI HGGomes, Could you please send me your latest firmware for the RT-AC87U en RT-AC68U?
      Thanks in advance!
    4. Airborne-007
      Hello, could you please send me your modified firmware for the Asus RT-N18U ? My Mail is: [email protected]
      Thank you very much in advance!
    5. pierre gonsalves
      pierre gonsalves
      requesting firmware link for asus ac5300. Email is [email protected] Big Thanks for your efforts and for making the world a better place
    6. Lou Santoleri
      Lou Santoleri
      Requesting the firmware link for Asus RT AC88U. Email is [email protected]
      Thx ahead for ur time
    7. Vladislav
    8. Mario456
      Can you please send me the link for the ac68u? Thank you
    9. schwab
      I, too, understand your firmware for the ASUS routers is excellent.
      I am currently running AsusWRT-Merlin 380.61
      Please send me your download links for the RT-AC66U with any helpful documentation and screenshots.
      Thanks for your time and consideration.
    10. maus
      Hi. Can I have the link for RT-AC87U, Thank you!
    11. jonielle sablan
      jonielle sablan
      I have read great things about your firmware. Would you mind sending me the firmware links for my ASUS RT-AC66U? Thank you
    12. ovidiuclipa
      Hi. Could I please have a link to download your FW for AC56U?
      I had your firmware installed, but I was having some issues with my ISP and had to reset from factory.
      Now I'm stuck on the "ancient" firmware from Asus and I'm having troubles with Download Master.
      Thank's in advance.
    13. MeToo
      Hello amigo could I too have a link for n66 please as I just got a fresh n66u. Retiring my n16 that still has your running on it. Great work man!
    14. virtua
      hello , can i have the link for rt-ac87u and rt-n66u ? many thanks
    15. muj786uk
      Hi. Can I have the link for RT-N66U firmware please? Thank you!
    16. Anon96
      Hi,, can i have the link for the Asus RT-N18U firmware? please.
    17. face80
      Hey, can you please send me the newest Firmware for Ac68U and Ac87U,? Best regarts.
    18. Triman
      Hi. Would you be so kind to send me the link to the latest stable fork for RT-AC87U? Thank you
    19. bill0042
      Hi, could you please send me a link for the AC68U if you have one based on 380.61. Thanks a lot.
    20. harry
      Hello, could you send me your firmware for the RT-N18U please? thanks
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