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    AX-55 Useless 2.4GHz...

    Anyone have issues with the 2.4GHz radio in the AX-55? Just recently moved from a GT-AC5300 to GT-AX11000 as my main router and the AX-55 as an AIMesh wired node. 2.4GHz is non working - to under 1mbps... Reboot fixes it for a few min and then its back down to nothing. 5GHz works fine pulling...
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    modmon modmon - WebUI for monitoring Virgin Hub 3 cable modem stats

    This might be helpful at least for those with an SB8200. Any chance to get this working I am able to use an exporter to put the levels into a readable format For example on my local network this is acccessable from # HELP python_gc_objects_collected_total...
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    Help - Backup or original old Thomson DWG874 firmware

    You'd need to contact your Cable provider. Only Cable co and push updates via TFTP
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    Why Should I Buy my ISP's Gateway?

    Do you live in an area that has data caps? If so keep the gateway.. Its cheaper to rent to get unlimated data than paying for unlimated data. If that matters to you.
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    AiMesh issues GT-AC5300

    So recently I started using AiMesh, and having a few weird issues. 1. Logs like this, Feb 17 11:57:08 kernel: already exist in UDB, can't add it Feb 17 11:57:08 kernel: already exist in UDB, can't add it Feb 17 11:57:08 kernel: already exist in UDB, can't...
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    GT-AC5300 Traffic Monitor now broken

    After the latest new firmware seems traffic monitor is broken :( one of the features of the reason I have this router...
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    Questions about AiMesh

    So 2.4 can be disabled on the main router and enabled on the node even with the new AiMesh 2.0? I did see that 2.0 included being able to enable or disable it on the actual node now.
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    Questions about AiMesh

    Well interfearce as in constant noises coming out of the speakers when 2.4 is enabled lol. Doesnt actually affect the network, Easily getting over 200mbps on the 2.4GHz network which is shocking.
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    Questions about AiMesh

    Thanks! Yeah just updated my GT-AC5300 earlier to 386 firmware Only issue I have with the 2.4Ghz being enabled on the main router is computer speaker interference when enabled is annoying. The router can be moved but not so easily. Also 95% of the clients that need 2.4GHz will only need to be...
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    Questions about AiMesh

    I'm thinking of getting another ASUS router of somesort to setup AiMesh with my current router. I've been using the GT-AC5300 for over a year now just as a router with WiFi disabled (using 2 Unifi AP's for wireless) I'm about fed up with random disconnects and issues with my AC Pro & NanoHD...
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    Cutting Cable, Will go with 1GB/s Xfinity: Would like suggestions on coverage and gaming

    It can depend. But honestly only issues I've ever had with mesh was speeds. Never noticed a huge bump in latency unless signal was bad which by then speeds where useless. I use a GT-AC5300 but with wireless disabled. I use a TP-Link EAP225 and 245. Soon they're supposed to be coming out with a...
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    Cutting Cable, Will go with 1GB/s Xfinity: Would like suggestions on coverage and gaming

    Depends on what sort of speeds your expecting to get over wifi. Mesh your gonna not gonna get more than a few hundred Mbps over wifi. If you wire all the APs you could see upwards of around 600-800mbps depending on what APs you get and clients that'll be connecting to it. Sent from my IN2017...
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    Internet plan in US?

    Prices and plans are all different for every location and provider. One may have xifnifiy 100mbps for $80 there. But someone in the state next to them may be $50 But yes that sounds pricy though. Just call up and get put on a new updated plan with a new speed or price. I pay $86 for gig...
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    May Need New Laptop

    Just remember. You can live next to a business. Order something and it could come from any warehouse. The closest one won't have an affect on that. Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk
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    App to test home WiFi signal strength

    As stated above no. You need an android device to measure signal strength. Been waiting for years. But it’s not possible on iOS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk