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ASUS vs UDM Pro Routing Performance?

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Like general routing performance not throughput if that makes sense, how do they compare? Currently have a UDM Pro and some AP's. Two houses connected together via local fiber. Just 2 VLANs one for IoT and the other for my parents for there WiFi. I always used to use ASUS for the longest time but almost 2 years ago switched to the UDM Pro mostly for the less jank setup for VLANs.

One thing that drives me crazy is the terrible stats/traffic stats on the UDM Pro. Traffic stats shows I never use more than 100mbps or so on the download while I can be maxing out 1.2gbps downloading something. Sometimes AP's show they using 1.5-2gbps in current traffic (Despite AP's only have 1gig nics) One screen will show one number while another will show completely different usage for the same device on and on. Its just a mess and its useless. Last year I threw a pfsense box in bridge mode in-between the modem and UDM Pro (udm pro still gets my static no doubleNAT) Lately that pfsense box has just became a point of failure having to reboot every few days as its causing weird latency issues on the wan side.

Anyway how stable/good is the routing performance on the AXE16000? And how stable is the WiFi for IoT? Even though my unifi u6 pro range sucks and it can be quirky never actually had issues with it, with various cheap IoT devices.

I know I can workout the vlan issue using guest networks which is fine as long as its stable.

Should I just stick with the UDM Pro? Or should I come back to ASUS?

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