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    Low-radiation JRS Eco-wifi router? (Possible? Legal?)

    if I only had 1 device, I would just hook up ethernet and turn off wifi ... because I have more than wifi device, it will never be radiation-free XD I need the extra dose of wifi radiation to turn me into hulk someday :D
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    PCE-AC88 with AC86U router only 3 spatial streams (1300/1300 max)

    you might just need to reboot it. it sometimes will cache and report weird stuff utill you reboot.
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    Rt-AX92U in bridgemode unable to connect to AX88U

    maybe just set them up w/ aimesh and see if it give you desired speed
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    ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    did some tests after someone mentioned not having great speed for 2.4Ghz. here are some interesting observations when connecting to 2.4Ghz. AC devices: somehow my pixel 3 isn't happy with 2.4ghz. regardless of what mode it is connecting to (N only/ with wifi 6 disabled), it seems to be not...
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    RP-AC55 random reboots with linux in the network

    dont have experience with those units, but maybe update the firmware and try ai-mesh mode? and if it's not working, maybe return and swap them with something else
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    Both wifi bands dead on 86u

    While you can roll a dice and pray for devices to survive from a power surge, my suggestion is still to spend some extra for the UPS to protect the valuable equipment. if it has DoA 2.4Ghz, I would have returned to the store and replace it. A lot of factors can affect signal strength. while I...
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    Both wifi bands dead on 86u

    that's an interesting reason for not buying ASUS because POWER SURGE kills the router. try rma again if it's still covered by warranty. regardless of which brand of router you end up getting, get a UPS and surge protection that provides proper protection to your valuable electronic product.
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    ASUS PCE-AC88 WiFi issues

    that's unfortunate. no experience with fenvi ax200, but I think it's also using Intel ax200 chipset? I am able to get full speed out with it (w/ rt-ax88 though) have you tried to install the latest driver from intel?
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    Does anyone have problem aimesh nodes(when enable aiprotection?)and 160mhz not working latest firmw

    try and manually set the channel to 40 and see if it use 160mhz.
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    Is the grass greener on the ASUS side?

    the grass is always greener on the other side XD my friends pick up netgear, he has no issue. I use Asus, I have no issue. I just let the router do the router work, grab an actual NAS for network storage. other than that just make sure you grab a UPS to pair with the router you end up with.
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    ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    so far it's working fine for me. try power cycle, and reset with wps to see if it helps. power off for 30 sec, hold wps while powering on. the power led will shut off and now you power off the router again. wait for another 10-15 sec, boot it up, and you will have to manually re-configure...
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    ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    personally don't use that so I have no knowledge about that feature. best if you can file a report thru the feedback and let Asus be aware of that issue.
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    New Asus RT-AX88U Slow Upload speeds on Wifi only

    it depends on how fast Asus provide the source code to merlin, and the time available to merlin. normally won't be too far off from each other, and merlin is normally better. I swap between both the official and merlin here and there. I just become lazy lately and just stick to whatever I was...
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    How yo enable gear accelerator? [Ax88u]

    it's fixed in 384.9017 and you can report an issue that you encounter via the feedback tab under the administration page. also, the added "gaming" page is just "one-click" gimmick, you can manually set those up easily. the function adding a device to the priority list can be performed in the...
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    New Asus RT-AX88U Slow Upload speeds on Wifi only

    shouldn't have any difference, I just did a quick dirty flash to merlin and a quick test with my pixel 3 while it's charging wirelessly. 307 / 290 @, with merlin @ 384.17 laptop with ax200 is 300/300ish as well. However, I normally will power cycle and use the WPS method to fully...