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    RT-AX86U/RT-AX5700 hits the FCC

    FCC docs suggest that this product is three-stream for 2.4GHz and four-stream for 5 GHz so the AX5700 math might work out like... 2.4GHz: 3x3:3 802.11ax @ MCS-11 = 860.4 Mbps 2.4GHz: 4x4:4 802.11ax @ MCS-11 = 4,804 Mbps Add the two together in the usual marketing way and 5664.4 Mbps ~ AX5700...
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    Nighthawk AX6 RAX50 (AX5400) and RAX45 (AX4300)

    Hit the FCC on 12/30: PY319400466 Some information is available on what seems to be a sandbox for Netgear's website including a data sheet which says: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Dual Band WiFi (AX5400) 2.4GHz AX: 2x2 (Tx/Rx) 1024/256-QAM 20/40MHz, up to 600Mbps 5GHz AX: 4x4 (Tx/Rx) 1024-QAM...
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    Made a quad band router for cheap.....

    I think most manufacturers of tri-band equipment for North America consider the low (36-48) and high (149-165) 5 GHz bands to be separate "bands." If there are two 5 GHz radios, one must use the high band while the other uses the low band. If DFS channels are supported then there are more...
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    CES 2019: TP-Link Announcements Include Market's First AX Mesh System

    TP-LINK Archer AX20 (AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 router) just hit the FCC: TE7AX20 Broadcom BCM6755KFEBG quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU also serves as both 2x2:2 radios. Broadcom BCM53134SKFBG gigabit switch 256 MiB RAM - Samsung K4B2G1646F-BYMA 128 MiB Flash - ESMT F50L1G41A
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    WikiDevi shutting down 10/31/2019

    Definitely a huge loss. It was one of those sites that I never knew I needed until I found it.
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    Asus PCE-AC88 and Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 Module (M.2/NGFF) compatibility

    The PCE-AC88 does not have a replaceable Wi-Fi module. Here are some Wi-Fi 6 desktop PCIe cards. All contain an Intel AX200 M.2 card which is what the Killer AX1650 is. Ufon A3000E fenvi FV-AX3000 Gigabyte GC-WBAX200 (currently unavailable from Amazon) The ASUS PCE-AX58BT is coming soon.
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    NETGEAR Intros Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 Router and Mesh Extender

    Would it be worth initially testing AX routers using the current methods used for AC routers? Even if the AX features are not currently relevant, more and more draft AX routers are entering the market at price points that are competitive with mid to high-end AC devices. Lots of people want to...
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    TP-LINK Launches The Archer AX50 Wi-Fi 6 Router

    This is not the first announced AX router to claim OFDMA support. ASUS claimed OFDMA support for the RT-AX58U back in January. Edimax released a press release "launching" the BR-6473AX back in May claiming OFDMA support. These both use the same Intel radio hardware as this AX50. None of these...
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    Netgear Adds Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System And AC3000 Mesh Extender To Orbi Line

    The Tech Specs section of the product page seems to have an error under the AX6000 Tri-Band WiFi sections: They swapped 1200Mbps of the 2.4GHz link with the 2400Mbps of the 5GHz wireless backhaul. There is no explanation for the "†" symbol on the page. *Update* It looks like they tried to...
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    CES 2019: NETGEAR Announces Wi-Fi 6 Orbi

    AX6000 and a 2.5Gbps WAN port Wi-Fi 6 Orbi Datasheet appeared. Orbi Router: RBR850 Orbi Satellite: RBS850
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    Got new Asus Tuf FX705 Want to upgrade my Realtek 8821CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC already!

    The "Not work with AMD motherboard" text is from the ebay listing for a 9560 linked above. The 9260 and AX200 are not limited to use only on certain Intel platforms like the 9560 and AX201 are.
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    Got new Asus Tuf FX705 Want to upgrade my Realtek 8821CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC already!

    Yeah, 1x1:1 802.11ac @ 433Mbps is "nearly" three times faster than 1x1:1 802.11n @ 150Mbps. It's a meaningless marketing statement.
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    Archer C8 V1 DFS channel

    The Archer C8 v1 does not support DFS and many new devices are designed to prevent third party firmwares from enabling additional wireless frequencies.
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    Got new Asus Tuf FX705 Want to upgrade my Realtek 8821CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC already!

    As mentioned previously, the 9560 model is CNVio which means you need a certain Intel CPU and chipset on the motherboard. You have an AMD CPU so you cannot use it.