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    Spontaneous Reboot RT-AX86U

    Looking more into it, I believe there might've been a small power dip that only affected some devices.
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    Spontaneous Reboot RT-AX86U

    I realized my RT-AX86U router rebooted spontaneously last night. This has been very rare in the past, maybe once in a two-month period. There was no power outage or anything in the system log to indicate why. Under which conditions does the AX86 or any router decide to reboot? Are there any...
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    spdMerlin Speedtest Data Usage > 1GB

    @Jack Yaz: I noticed that sometimes when the data usage for a download or upload exceeds 1 GB then the columns "Download Data (MB)" and "Upload Data (MB)" contain e.g. 1.0 instead of 1024. For example a speed test outputs: Bandwidth - Download: 859.44 Mbps (data used: 1.0 GB ) - Upload: 939.96...
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    Since upgrading to firmware 386.3_2, my Internet will not stay connected for even a day.

    @DTS I encountered similar WAN drops last year after an ISP equipment change. I am convinced that certain Asus router models, such as the AX88U in my case, have incompatibility issues with certain ISP equipment which results in hard-to-debug random WAN disconnects. Like you, I replaced my router...
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    WPA Group Key Rotation (ReKey)

    For years I have set my Group Key Rotation Interval to 240 sec (= 4 minutes). I have never seen any problems with this. Are you sure this is the root cause of your problems?
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.5 Beta is now available

    Are there any negative side effects to be expected outside of Adaptive QoS since you mentioned flow cache?
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.5 Beta is now available

    Jumped from 386.2_6 to 386.5_beta1 without any problems :) Thanks, RMerlin!
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    QOS on 1gbps network speeds

    Surprisingly, some can such as the AX86U. See this thread.
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    OpenVPN Usernames and Passwords not working

    Im having the exact same problem: OpenVPN server on 386.2_6 first user, works as it should. Added three more users, first user couldn’t authenticate anymore. The three new users still work. has anyone found the root cause, yet?
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    AX88U driving me crazy because it keeps crashing

    I used to have an AX88U which dropped my WAN connection every 1 to 5 days. Your problem is a bit different but I would like to give you some troubleshooting advice: Assume the AX88U has a systematic problem, hardware or software. Since you have an AX58U, try it as a router with the most...
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    Connection to AiMesh node degrades over time

    It's wired backhaul. It's not related to WiFi, also wired clients have the problem.
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    Connection to AiMesh node degrades over time

    The connection to my AiMesh node gets worse within a few days. Clients connected to the node, via WiFi or Ethernet, have much slower and inconsistent SpeedTest results (down from 250Mbit/s to 30Mbit/s), pauses in VoIP applications such as WiFi calling or Google Voice every second, and sluggish...
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    FlexQoS Adaptive QoS at full Giagbit Speeds

    This is interesting. I noticed that my speedtests are all over the place and inconsistent especially for the download portion. For the charts above, I downloaded multiple Linux distributions via qBittorrent which seems to fully utilize my gigabit connection.
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    FlexQoS Adaptive QoS at full Giagbit Speeds

    So far I thought Asus routers could not handle full gigabit speeds with Adaptive QoS turned on. This was my experience with my, now gone, RT-AX88U. Adaptive QoS limited the maximum download and upload speeds to around 500Mbit/s instead of the about 940Mbit/s when turned off. My new RT-AX86U...
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    WAN was exceptionally disconnected

    Here is my final update of my journey that started almost three months ago when my Fiber connection was upgraded from 100Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s service. All of the equipment on the ISP side was replaced. My RT-AX88U started dropping the WAN connection randomly immediately after the upgrade and after...