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  1. Kanji-San

    QOS on 1gbps network speeds

    Surprisingly, some can such as the AX86U. See this thread.
  2. Kanji-San

    OpenVPN Usernames and Passwords not working

    Im having the exact same problem: OpenVPN server on 386.2_6 first user, works as it should. Added three more users, first user couldn’t authenticate anymore. The three new users still work. has anyone found the root cause, yet?
  3. Kanji-San

    AX88U driving me crazy because it keeps crashing

    I used to have an AX88U which dropped my WAN connection every 1 to 5 days. Your problem is a bit different but I would like to give you some troubleshooting advice: Assume the AX88U has a systematic problem, hardware or software. Since you have an AX58U, try it as a router with the most...
  4. Kanji-San

    Connection to AiMesh node degrades over time

    It's wired backhaul. It's not related to WiFi, also wired clients have the problem.
  5. Kanji-San

    Connection to AiMesh node degrades over time

    The connection to my AiMesh node gets worse within a few days. Clients connected to the node, via WiFi or Ethernet, have much slower and inconsistent SpeedTest results (down from 250Mbit/s to 30Mbit/s), pauses in VoIP applications such as WiFi calling or Google Voice every second, and sluggish...
  6. Kanji-San

    FlexQoS Adaptive QoS at full Giagbit Speeds

    This is interesting. I noticed that my speedtests are all over the place and inconsistent especially for the download portion. For the charts above, I downloaded multiple Linux distributions via qBittorrent which seems to fully utilize my gigabit connection.
  7. Kanji-San

    FlexQoS Adaptive QoS at full Giagbit Speeds

    So far I thought Asus routers could not handle full gigabit speeds with Adaptive QoS turned on. This was my experience with my, now gone, RT-AX88U. Adaptive QoS limited the maximum download and upload speeds to around 500Mbit/s instead of the about 940Mbit/s when turned off. My new RT-AX86U...
  8. Kanji-San

    WAN was exceptionally disconnected

    Here is my final update of my journey that started almost three months ago when my Fiber connection was upgraded from 100Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s service. All of the equipment on the ISP side was replaced. My RT-AX88U started dropping the WAN connection randomly immediately after the upgrade and after...
  9. Kanji-San

    Which router should I buy between ASUS AX88U and AX86U?

    I used to own the RT-AX88U and now I use the RT-AX86U. Both are very similar, just minor differences and both perform very well. I cannot see any difference in performance. I would go with the cheaper one.
  10. Kanji-San

    AX88U loses Internet connection every couple of weeks

    In the meantime I replaced my AX88 with an AX86 and so far everything seems to be stable. The only conclusion I can draw is that there is something wrong with the AX88 under certain conditions. I don't believe my AX88 suddenly developed a defect but rather that there is a systematic problem. I...
  11. Kanji-San

    RT AC68U can't achieve more than 600Mbps on latest firmware

    Did you run the SpeedTest app, not in the browser!, from a PC connected via Ethernet? Try also different servers. It depends very much on the server and the time of day.
  12. Kanji-San

    Microsoft Teams connection drops

    I have been using Teams, with split-tunneling, on an RT-AC68U with 386.2_4 and CTF + FA enabled without any problems. If your company supports it try running Teams without VPN (or split-tunneling).
  13. Kanji-San

    WAN_Connection: ISP's DHCP did not function properly.

    The documentation is wrong. It's 12 requests per minute, one every 5 seconds. This means it's 0.2Hz.
  14. Kanji-San

    AX86U losing Wan connection

    This is the default.
  15. Kanji-San

    AX86U losing Wan connection

    I am glad you found a setting that works with your ISP. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the WAN connection is dropped. Changing the DHCP frequency might work for some when the ISP has an unusual DHCP behavior but it does not help in many other situations such as most of the threads you...