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Solved OpenVPN Error: OpenSSL: error:1416F086:lib(20):func(367):reason(134)

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I created an OpenVPN configuration file using pivpn on a raspberry pi. I used this config file with iOS and Windows OpenVPN clients without any issues. When I tried it on my RT-AX86U running Merlin 386.5_2 using it as a VPN client, I kept getting this error message:
Mar 31 11:51:07 ovpn-client1[10571]: OpenSSL: error:1416F086:lib(20):func(367):reason(134)
Mar 31 11:51:07 ovpn-client1[10571]: TLS_ERROR: BIO read tls_read_plaintext error
Mar 31 11:51:07 ovpn-client1[10571]: TLS Error: TLS object -> incoming plaintext read error
Mar 31 11:51:07 ovpn-client1[10571]: TLS Error: TLS handshake failed
Clocks (in different time zones) on server and router were set correctly. After a long trial and error period, I found out that the advanced setting Verify Server Certificate Name (in the GUI) was the culprit. Once I set it to No, it worked.

This is the setting in the config file that wasn't working on the router:
verify-x509-name raspberrypi_[xxx] name

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