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    Aimesh - Does main router need to be aimesh compatible?

    My network is currently configured with a N66 router as the main router (with its wifi disabled) and use two other asus routers for wifi, a AC87 and an AC56 which are configured as AP mode and ethernet wired back to the N66. I am thinking about using Aimesh which I believe can be configured on...
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    Asus merlin on N66U no traffic monitoring

    thanks, thats solved it. Did a factory reset and reconfigured everything and had traffic monitoring per ip working. Then upgraded to 380.61.
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    Asus merlin on N66U no traffic monitoring

    right, I've rolled back to 380.57 and NAT acceleration is disabled (as has been from start) but there's still no real time traffic monitoring per IP! any ideas what else I can try?
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    Asus merlin on N66U no traffic monitoring

    Having used only the stock firmware before, i was intrigued to try the merlin firmware, especially the traffic monitoring. I,ve got the latest build merlin loaded in. I cant seem to get the traffic monitoring to work though. I've set it on under the tools setting and enabled the usb logging...