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Router recommendations for 1gbs fibre WAN and PPPOE

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I recently had 1gbs fibre installed in my home and realised my existing ASUS AC87 was not up to the task (maxing out around 500-600mb download). I'm led to believe that 1gb WAN with PPPOE can be taxing for a router and needs a good CPU.

I then tried a Draytek 2865 and there was a slight improvement to 650mb down but still not getting close to what I should be getting. Only the ISP supplied router (THG3000) appears to be getting a consistent 950mb download.

Are there any recommendations for off the shelf routers that is up to the task? I prefer not to go down the route of mini PC/self build with OpenWRT, PFsense or OPNsense as that looks to have a steep learning curve.

WIFI is not a priority as I have a mesh wifi network connected via ethernet.
Assume the 950 is with this attached to the ISP device directly?

Yes, all my speed tests have been carried out via direct connection using ethernet to whichever router I was trying out at the time. Also, all other devices (incl wifi mesh) were disconnected to ensure only the laptop I was using was the only device accessing the connection.
I haven't tried any recent router since the Netgear R7800 since going DIY but, had similar issues with Asus which prompted the switch to Synology / Netgear and then finally DIY due to being sick of dealing with constant issues from average consumer devices.

At east you're getting the full bandwidth when bypassing things. That leaves less to deal with getting the provider to fix issues tends to be the biggest hurdle sometimes.

gli.net / synology / etc. could be options depending on what else is being introduced to the connection. If you have plans to run a VPN connection on the router it will make a difference in which will work better depending on OVPN vs WG. In general though if you turn off all the features bundled into the software and just do routing / nat / firewall things should work at speed.

I would start off with a wired only router to terminate the ISP connection to and then add an AP for the WIFI to isolate any potential issues and decrease the upgrade costs when BE comes in the near future. Most brands should behave the same tough as they tend to all use the same internal HW and it usually just comes down tot he SW trying things together. They all run on Linux and then put a skin on top for management. There are some prefab "VPN router" options w/o WIFI under $200 that make DIY easy.
I am using Asus GT Ax6000 and I am getting full 960Mbps downlink.
Asus GT-AX6000 + VSOL V2802RH Fiber ONU to clone GPON SN and PLOAM

That specific VSOL model has 2.5G WAN port that can be bridged and GT-AX6000 can dial PPPoE connection to get 1024 Mbps full gigabit speed.

I am using this combo on 1Gbps plan and the result is this:


Alternative to VSOL V2802RH is Photon PTF2282 available from alibaba. Both have same realtek chipset.

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