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    Release Asus ZenWiFi XT8 - New Firmware:

    This version i like is the best so far,,have a many/lots of device,my line is 350/350 and no dropp outs in weeks:)my wife havent complain ones :)doesnt have Parental Controls but i dont need that;)
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    Release Asus ZenWiFi XT8 - New Firmware:

    My Asus zenwifi xt8 found new firmware today. 2021/10/06 55.65 MBytes ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) Firmware version - Improved system stability and fix GUI issue - This version includes several vulnerability patches. BusyBox - CVE-2016-2148 - CVE-2016-6301 - CVE-2018- 1000517 cURL -...
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    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC3-1 public beta

    Same problem here,using one xt8 as router and 3 nodes(xt8) and one ac68u(node)back to 42095 again and wait ;)
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    ZenWiFi XT8 new firmware

    Why cant there come fimware soon so we can get 160MHz channels on front-haul channels,now front-haul doesn't support 160MHz channels,im getting devices at home support 160Mhz,i still have ROG Rapture GT-AX11000,my devices is sometimes connected to main router,but not me xt8 doesnt support and i...
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    New GT-AX11000 firmware

    My router found new firmware today :)
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    New ZenWifi XT8 firmware

    Version MBytes ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) Firmware version Update Adaptive QoS categories: Help you to prioritize the mission-critical applications Those people who work-from-home & learn-from-home will greatly benefit from this new feature with...
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    GT-AX11000 New firmware today

    My router was getting new firmware today,dont know whats new?
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    Does anyone have problem aimesh nodes(when enable aiprotection?)and 160mhz not working latest firmw

    I have gt-ax11000 and 4 nodes(zenwifi xt8),I have reset router and all nodes on monday,this morning one of my nodes was offline and led light was black,working great since monday perfeckt signal 5ghz,only thing i did last night was to enable aiprotection enable.Now i have turned off to se if...
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    New firmware ac68u(Version :

    Sorry i write wrong i ment new firmware for ac68 u,Version :
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    New firmware ac68u(Version :

    My gt-ax11000 told me that there is new firmware uppdates to my ac68u aimesh systems(nodes) Dont find anything asus sites?sorry i ment Current Version :
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    Does any one know if there is comming GT-AX11000 in RT-version?

    Does anyone know if there is coming GT-AX11000 in RT-version?
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    RT-AX92U New firmware today?

    I used my GT-AX11000 to find uppdates and found new firmware to my nodes( RT-AX92U),didnt find it on asus sites.
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    Tested Rapture GT-AX11000:) and ordered RT-AX92U 2-Pack today:)

    Then I have tested Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 for a month with 2pcs ac68u, am very satisfied, today I have ordered AX AiMesh RT-AX92U 2-Pack which I will get in 3 weeks, my olds ac68u im gonna setup home my brother as aimesh, aimesh system are the best i have tried so far, no complaining kids...
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    Aimesh - Did anyone give up?

    sending it back tonight :) think im gonna wait for more stable firmware ;)my kids and wife is killing me soon :) :)