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    Can all apps do fingerprinting or just browsers?

    Recently I found out that Google Apps was reading my actual ISP IP address instead of my VPN router's IP address. privacy.resistFingerprinting on Firefox put a stop to that but Gitlab (Cloudflare) required it to be enabled. A virtual machine allowed it to be enabled while passed the VPN IP. Now...
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    AsusWRT router can resolve company restricted URL. Openwrt can not

    My company requires accessing company resources via VPN. On the same computer: An Asus RT-AC86u router is able to access company resources on Gitlab A GL-iNet MT-1300 Beryl router is not In both cases: The routers have their own .ovpn files and act as an openvpn client. I can not test...
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    My VPN router is able to show me in the US for everything except Google accounts. After doing some research I found that switching privacy.resistFingerprinting to true in Firefox is able to stop Google Apps from bypassing the VPN and getting the actual IP. The trouble is that I can then not...
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    Google is able to bypass my VPN somehow

    IPv6 is disabled. Turning on privacy.resistFingerPrinting in Firefox is able to fix the issue. But causes others which I will create a specific thread to ask about.
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    Google is able to bypass my VPN somehow

    I have an Asus RT-AC86u. It is using an .ovpn file with a residential IP from a US location. When checking most IP websites the VPN IP shows. However, Google Apps under "Security" shows my Thai location: This is indeed my location. This computer is connected via ethernet to the above VPN...
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    Port selection for speed

    RapidVPN has these options for TCP/UDP OpenVPN config files: 443, 11940, 1198, 10090, 10190, 24500, 42320, 62520 UDP should be faster but interestingly with StarVPN I notice TCP has faster uploads. Will any of these ports have better performance or does it not matter
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    Looking to use Wireguard and wifi bridge. Router options?

    I'm looking for a Wireguard enabled router for home and travel and those two threads are about other topics, thanks for the link to the second one still.
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    Looking to use Wireguard and wifi bridge. Router options?

    My Asus AC86u is good and dependable but I'm looking for Wireguard to help raise VPN speeds, and WIFI bridge to use WIFI as a source when I'm traveling (AirBnbs, so no check in page). What router would you guys recommend that has these two features preferably out of the box?
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    Wi-Fi Bridge Mode on Asus AC86u?

    Thanks, is GL.iNet a good option for using OpenVPN files also? That is my second requirement.
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    Wi-Fi Bridge Mode on Asus AC86u?

    Hi, I would like my Asus AC86u, used as a VPN router, to connect to the Wifi of an AirBnb condo I'm staying at. Is it possible? I believe I need Wi-Fi Bridge mode but can't find that setting.
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    AsusWRT, allowing single applications to bypass VPN client?

    Thanks, that is unfortunate to hear. Looks like I'll need a new device for phone calls then.
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    AsusWRT, allowing single applications to bypass VPN client?

    Hi, I have my current AsusWRT configuration (on an RT-AS86u router) set to route all traffic through a VPN service using an OpenVPN client. I want Zoiper Pro to not be routed through the VPN client. Is it possible to exclude a single application? I have searched the settings but come up short...
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    Guide to use phone as internet source?

    Right now I plug my ISP router into the WAN port of my AC86u. The AC86u has VPN firmware. I would also like to use my phone as an internet source, either via WIFI, or USB tether. I can not figure out how to do this since the setup wizard is gone and there doesn't seem to be a way to setup a new...