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    Suggestions for a new wireless router?

    I understand many people's views about DOH, but I am still an advocate of it depending on how it's implemented.
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    Suggestions for a new wireless router?

    Since we are extending our work from home until the end of 2021 we have been allocated up to $300 USD to purchase any home networking equipment needed. My networking setup at home is currently decent, no issues really to report, but I figured since my current router, an Asus RT-87U is EOL/EOS...
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    ASUS RT-AC87 Router DOH Setup?

    Currently using Merlin software with version 384.13_5 and I dont see a way to configure DOH. Is it possible? I know the firmware supports DOT but I really prefer DOH if possible.
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    RT-AC87R - Wireless seems slow.....

    I recently had to reset my router and didn't have a backup of the config stored. I noticed recently that my network, specifically the wireless, has been a bit slow. I still show I am connecting on AC with speeds over 800+Mbps with solid RSSI and Noise values. Not sure if anyone can make some...
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    Disable all unnecessary router services?

    Is it possible to disable all unused or unnecessary router services? For example, disable the USB ports and any service configured to use the USB ports? I am trying to lock down the surface area and harden the router. This would be specifically for an ASUS RT-87u router.
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    ASUS RT-AC87U on CenturyLink Gigabit Fiber

    I recently removed the CenturyLink provided router as it was pure garbage and replaced it with an ASUS RT-AC87U. I have the VLAN tagging and everything working properly but my gigabit speeds are good but not as high as I expect. MacBook-Pro:~$ speedtest Retrieving configuration...
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    ASUS has locked down firmware?

    I upgraded my firmware today on the 87u and it seems ASUS has locked down the firmware per FCC regulations. I thought this was discussed but was not approved. Does anyone have any information on this?
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    Enabling features via command line instead of GUI

    I noticed I can enable some features via command line even when the router is set as an AP. For example, QOS. Do these features actually work and are enabled or is it just a glitch? Also, from the mobile app unnoticed you can enable gaming QOS as well even when using the router as an AP. Is this...
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    hggomes firmware download location

    Does anyone know where to download his firmware? I used to have the URL but cannot locate it anymore.
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    AC3200 slow speeds over wireless

    I am getting increasingly frustrated with slow speeds over my AC3200. I have tried various firmware versions, resetting the router after each upgrade or downgrade. I am using the router in AP mode only as I have a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite handling the routing. Hard wired connections I am...
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    Turning off QoS helps "one 5G radio" syndrome on AC3200?

    QOS should not be used unless you have a very slow connection. What are your speeds? For example, I have GB up/down so using QOS would be pointless. Now, if you have a 10M up/down connection I can understand using QOS especially if you use VOIP and stream a multitude of internet media and content.
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    ASUS Router (AP Mode) with Ubiquiti EdgeMAX router

    Is anyone running this combination or similar? My provider, CenturyLink offers Gigabit fibre to the home which connects to an ONT (Optical Network Translator). The ONT has VLAN tagging and they provide you (rent/sell you) one of their "special" routers (L3 tags all internet traffic) and...
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    Is someone using my router

    Did you take note of the MAC address and when the lease is being obtained? You should be able to use the MAC address to determine the hardware connecting which might help narrow the scope of hardware. Also, you can whitelist devices and have everything else blacklisted so only trusted MAC...
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    ASUS RT-AC3100 flipping out

    This morning I woke to an email from my internet provider stating that there was a brute force attack and my home IP address was unfortunately in the block of IPs they blacklisted. Worked with them to get things resolved but noticed my router has been acting strange. I decided to reset it and...
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    ASUS RT-AC3100

    I recently sold my ASUS RT-87U and purchased the RT-AC3100 for a VERY good deal. I am frustrated though there really isn't any 3rd party firmware available. Merlin has some packages he released but it seems no one is focusing on this router as a newer version was released, the AC-88U, leaving...