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    feature request: WAN/DMZ to mac address

    This is nothing. At best Linksys put an abstraction layer on the functionality, which would translate in a re-engineering of the firmware, which Merlin will never do and which is fine. For all I know, Linksys reserved an IP or a range for that functionality to work. I am happy to be wrong, but I...
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    feature request: WAN/DMZ to mac address

    How is this funny? Regardless of how right or wrong he is (even thought it's not accurate) I fail to see how this is funny. Your profile says you are 40 years, act like it. As for the question asked by the OP, what you are asking is technically not possible. The MAC address operates at the Data...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.55 beta 2 is now available

    Usually they'll work with pretty much any USB printer. I worked with a couple of those over the years (in past work environment) and never had compatibility issues. At home I bought a cheap Monoprice one, and while it did require a bit more work to set up (I don't remember what took so long...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 378.55 beta 2 is now available

    Have you considered buying a separated print server? It won't solve your problem at the router-level, but they are fairly cheap and would remove dependency from it.
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    separate DHCP on guest network

    You'll need to save it to custom config file ( In this case, you may simply be able to append to the current dnsmasq file with '/jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add' or replace it altogether with '/jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf'.
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    Error with iptables in Telnet RT-AC66U

    Those 2 rules look fine to me. As mstombs pointed out, they are doing 1:1 NAT, which means all incoming request to would be forwarded to, while any outoing request from would be rewrite to be sent as In this instance, there is no need for...
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    Request: Cleaning Download Master

    I think the biggest problem is the CPU consumption such a process produce. While home routers are fairly powerful nowadays, they do have more to handle than they use to (game console, netflix, multiple computers, tablet, laptop, etc.). I guess it's all down to your usage, but personally I am a...
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    Feature Request on DHCP

    You may want to have a look at customizing dnsmasq configuration file. See: The idea here is that dnsmaq act as the DHCP server (as well as DNS forwarder/cache and it can also act as a PXE server). While you are somewhat limited...
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    Incoming change in the Asuswrt-merlin development pace

    I believe he was referring to the time it takes to manually resolve the difference between his code and ASUS's code. So that would be manual labor :)
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    Incoming change in the Asuswrt-merlin development pace

    Interesting, I was actually wondering how advanced of a programmer you were. Don't get me wrong, I love your firmware and I am quite impressed and happy with it, it's not meant as an insult, far from it. I, myself, do a lot of scripting, but I am not a programmer, merely a System Admin. Mind...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin is out

    I partially have the same problem as Burning Daylight. ipkg works fine if I disable Download Master, but whenever I reboot my router, using the Web UI Reboot button, I get the "Errors have been detected on your hard drive. Remove any damaged files or use a PC to correct system issues." error...