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    Need advise for installing dd-wrt

    Hey everyone, I ended up bricking a router I got for the purpose of installing dd-wrt after asking about the model and too lazy to have made sure then too curious to make sure I didn’t do what I did and unorganized enough to not make sure I knew where the things to get it back. Couldn’t find...
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    Has anyone played with RaspAP?

    What would be involved in using open-wrt installed on a pi and configure it as an access point? that seems better to me than the pi ap - I looked at it but didn’t think it was what I want.
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    Solved What's CNAME of your game? This DNS-based tracking defies your browser privacy defenses

    Couldn’t this be mitigated using a recursive dns server on something like pi hole and use of dns servers like the 1.x for a lot of that
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    Is it safe/secure to install a executable from a source that may not be adequately vetted?

    That wasn’t really possible if I’m remembering reading it but may have it mixed up with the php comprise - curl is usually used when it’s called by something like an update or install than by a person using the command. The user in the case where they run an update aren’t aware it’s being...
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    Running a discord bot

    I know several people that have used discord in a similar manner, two that like you wanted something other than rss and a couple that use it for alerts or status messages. Is the ability for this part of the system or would you be creating this to hand off by the current method?
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    Need information on SSH protocol

    Do you have control of the sshd config? if so - you can require key authentication that would require the private key and a passphrase if you wish. The use of yubikeys is now able to be included in the ability for ssh access - if you don’t have control of this it’s not unreasonable to have...
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    Should IoT devices be on their own network?

    I’m concerned they do have their own network and looking into LoRaWAN to see if this suspension is correct. If what little I do know and the transmission being low power with something in the kilometers in distance there would be a few things I can think of that are concerning.
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    Cheap TV Boxes - US Customs cracking down?

    Yep - I’m trying to find a way to make a friend a Google TV box since he’s having a rough time and no tv - tried offering something like plex or kodi but he’s not familiar with anything like a media center - figured there would be a pigtv build and be fine on the pi 4 but the process to get it...
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    Voxel Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

    I saw the title of the post and took a bit to realize what it was. Had no idea there was firmware work going on here - i thank you too and appreciate this type of effort more than any other for many reasons so share any help or support you need. I’m guessing this is in wireless devices or...
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    Openvpn server poor throughput -AX88u

    Delete all of that since you accidentally tried the wrong thing - go in and for vpn select Ike/2 and problem fixed. Honestly I have no idea - tried to configure it once and followed the docs for it but didn’t work and said screw it.
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    NAS and computer in one

    Doesn’t that kind of change it to a system with a lot of storage sharing it and not storage attached for network users? I see the increase of pi and nas or x and nas but go for the implementation in it being done with you having added nas correctly. Out of the scope of your plan but nas...
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    Problem installing DD-WRT on TP-Link router

    I just picked up a TP-Link to install dd-wrt - and asked a friend before and told yeah in fact it’s very well supported and lots of people’s choice. The device was something like AC3200 but I go and look for it and it’s listed in supported devices and compatible with WIM - but no link. I...
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    Switch back to Pfsense from Opnsense and why.

    I haven’t used the opensense solution- having been a FreeBSD user I don’t wish to say how long and be the old guy; I was a fan of the net screen firewall but knew it was going to end one day. I went with a netgate firewall because it was the only appliance using something I felt was better than...
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    Best router on the market? current using R7800 and AC86U

    That was a mean thing to say to the UHF and other side out in the ocean .-)
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    The best OpenVPN travel router?

    I’ve tried a few Wi-Fi devices like anonbox that connect and to a network and have tor and or a vpn established when you’re connected to it the idea being if that goes down you are on and ok when you connect since it’s already being handled. I paid for each of these to see how they worked and...