Problem installing DD-WRT on TP-Link router

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I just picked up a TP-Link to install dd-wrt - and asked a friend before and told yeah in fact it’s very well supported and lots of people’s choice.

The device was something like AC3200 but I go and look for it and it’s listed in supported devices and compatible with WIM - but no link. I browse the firmware and find no WIM. I’m curious and I decide to actually log into the thing and poke around and in the system logs I think is where it showed the device being something like Archer C7 - and go try to use that and get wrong version.

I’m pretty sure I’ve learned today I’ve purchased a knock off and won’t be installing the dd-wrt I had planned and waited hoping for but at least I can have fun taking it apart and finding out what the f**k I have.

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