Need advise for installing dd-wrt

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Hey everyone,

I ended up bricking a router I got for the purpose of installing dd-wrt after asking about the model and too lazy to have made sure then too curious to make sure I didn’t do what I did and unorganized enough to not make sure I knew where the things to get it back. Couldn’t find it and ordered two from Amazon but when I fix it my plan is to find another use for it and ask people other than a friend who just said yes and I know well enough was probably watching a game.

So my question is does anyone know something along the same size and specs as a tp link C7 that would fully support did-wrt? Slightly larger and better specs would be ok - this isn’t going to be used for anything very long or anything important in a network so I’m not looking for anything that would make the cost more than it needs to be to use with resources not being pushed towards their max.
I really appreciate anyone helping with advise.


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Many routers have DD-WRT support, in theory. The challenge is you have to test specific builds for yourself and make sure they work with your hardware. The builds are perpetual beta with very little or no testing. Read the DD-WRT forum, select one of the most popular devices folks use, buy one off eBay. What can be found cheap is Asus MIPS RT-N/AC66U, Linksys E1xxx/E2xxx/EA6xxx, Netgear R6xxx/R7xxx, etc. I wouldn't even look at DD-WRT in 2021.

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