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    Asus ZenWifi AX XT8 - A two week technical review (And that 160mhz issue)

    Review from a "regular WiFi user" in a 3 story house 4200 sq ft with several clients throughout: - initial set-up with Asus App vs GUI, 3 minutes tops...done! (no issues) - Wireless backhaul perfect! (no option for wired backhaul for me) - Update FW (both main n node) a few minutes one click...
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    ZenWifi AX No 160mhz for backhaul

    Thanks for this thread.......finally understand now why I also see no 160 Mhz available (also in Canada).
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    ^^^ Agreed....working fine so regrets.
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    XT8 ......, now set up....3rd day no issues. My house is 3 levels 4300 sq ft....main router on middle floor and Node on 1st Floor. Although I figured I would not use the Asus App to set up (as I always do this stuff in the GUI), but tried the App and what a breeze.....maybe 2 minutes max...done...
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    AX88U with 2 XT8 nodes - wireless backhaul

    ^^^ Yeah I would think mixing Dual Band and tri Band Routers in a mesh set up may not be optimal.....just got my XT8's....I didnt even open the box the AX88U is in..its going back...
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    Interesting..I'm a Mariner and use both X Band and S band Radars extensively.... X Band is 10 Ghz and S Band 3 Ghz.....I live very close to both the Ocean and an Airport...lots of vessel traffic within 1 kn or so and aircraft within may 3 km...Aircraft RADAR and Airport RADAR both operate around...
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    ^^^ How close are you to Wx RADAR ?
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    Well that's good to know...ideally thats similar to how I want to set mine up....main router middle floor in my Office at one and then the node one floor below in the middle of the floor (hallway) AC68U was not bad, but had to get an Extender for the lower floor......I have the Ax88U bnib...
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    I'll get home from work in a few days and be setting up the XT8's ....Im curious if the wireless backhaul will work very well if the Node is about 15ft away but on the lower floor with Router on the floor above....hardwood flooring......I may also keep them on the same floor but about 20 ft...
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    ^^^ Its working great....low on my priority list ;) Is there some great reason Im missing to feverishly update my FW every release....same as some folks fixated with updating there Mobo BIOS every release.....unless I have "issues", cant be bothered, particularly if I have a great OC. Funny...
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    ^^^^^ Yeah once I find a Firmware that works ok (and I dont check every single "Router Geek setting"), I dont touch the FW after that.....I have been running 5 yr old Merlin FW on my AC68U and it has been solid. Provided Im getting decent WiFi coverage in my home.....Smart TV's are streaming...
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    Weird problem with AX88u

    I've had same issues with my AC68U and wireless printer......first try a reset on the printer, go thru the "Wizard Connect steps on printer", has worked for me in the past with a couple of odd times it has lost connectivity to the Network.
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    AX and AC routers Aimesh mix

    I have same question as OP with regards to mixing AC and AX Routers: See answers to your questions in bold: How big is your home in SqFt? 4200 sq ft 3 floors What construction materials are used for the walls and floors? Wood and Drywall How many levels is the home? 3 Floors How many client...
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    RT-AX88U Router + ZenWifi XT8 Nodes?

    Can I bump this Thread ? Also, I have AX88U unopened in box and have a set (2 pak) of XT8's coming....strictly wireless backhaul planned. Should I use one of the XT8's as the Main router, the other XT8's as node and AX88U as node or AX88U as Router and both XT8's as nodes ? In hindsite should...
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    AX88U & AC68U AiMesh Set-up Query

    Great thanks for the help....btw great forum here for us Network noobs!!!