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    Absolutely unable to add new XT8 node to existing XT8 network. Any ideas?

    Wow...when I added the 3rd Node to my XT8 Mesh it took 2 min using my phone / app. No cables...
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    Asus XT8 new setup problem

    Try just plugging your node used as router into modem....go thru set-up process (in GUI, not phone)....once its set-up and workng, use GUI to add the other node...or try the phone to add the other should work..... I set up my 2 node system just on my phone, went like a...
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    Asus XT8 n Memory Useage At 85%

    Great thanks!!
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    [Review] Asus ZenWiFi AX

    Been running mine since 1st week Dec... - one node as Router - second node wireless backhaul Added another Node, so 3rd node also wireless backhaul. Very large 3 story 4200 sq ft home, by Internet package is 300 mbps down / 15 mbps up. On my Mac Book the worst I get in parts of my home...
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    Asus XT8 n Memory Useage At 85%

    Hi all... So I have had my XT8 Home Mesh system set-up since early Dec.....added another single node to a twin pak, so primary node used as the Router (plugged into my Modem) and 2 nodes wireless backhaul, no issues at all has been working great.(spread out thru my large 3 story home with all...
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    XT8 random disconnects.

    Running latest FW here on XT8 Mesh 3 issues.....havent had any issues on previous FW since installing the Network in Dec. I also have yet to a "clean factory reset" after all FW updates (just too lazy) and no issues. I have noticed I'm utilizing 80% of my RAM, but figured it was...
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    Asus ZenWifi XT8 - wifi speeds after latest firmware update

    Why disable Universal Beam forming? Just curious...I noticed in my default settings both AC/AX Beamforming is enabled and also Universal Beamforming is enabled.
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    ZenWifi XT8 Adding 3rd Node to Existing 2 Node MESH

    I've had the 2 Node XT8 MESH system running in my large 3 story home since Dec, been bullet proof since set-up. Normally I would set this sort of thing up in the GUI, but for shvts n giggles I used the Asus App on my phone, worked great, super easy and fast. Purchased a single Node pak to add...
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    Zenwifi XT8 mesh setup driving me crazy!

    Hhhmm...I bought these back in Nov, set up i used the App on my phone (normally I would use the GUI), but crp it was so easy and the Mesh was set up in minutes....I just purchased a 3rd node. It has been rock solid since Nov (looks for wood to knock on). I have my Main Router hard wired...
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    Absolutely unable to add new XT8 node to existing XT8 network. Any ideas?

    Hey guys...I just purchased a single XT8 Node and also will be adding it into my 2 pak system already up n running. I wont be home for a few weeks to do it though but thought I would clarify. - I unplug my main XT8 router from my Modem, then plug an Ethernet cable from the yellow WAN port on the...
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    Asus ZenWifi AX XT8 - A two week technical review (And that 160mhz issue)

    Review from a "regular WiFi user" in a 3 story house 4200 sq ft with several clients throughout: - initial set-up with Asus App vs GUI, 3 minutes tops...done! (no issues) - Wireless backhaul perfect! (no option for wired backhaul for me) - Update FW (both main n node) a few minutes one click...
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    ZenWifi AX No 160mhz for backhaul

    Thanks for this thread.......finally understand now why I also see no 160 Mhz available (also in Canada).
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    ^^^ Agreed....working fine so regrets.
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Have I made a mistake?

    XT8 ......, now set up....3rd day no issues. My house is 3 levels 4300 sq ft....main router on middle floor and Node on 1st Floor. Although I figured I would not use the Asus App to set up (as I always do this stuff in the GUI), but tried the App and what a breeze.....maybe 2 minutes max...done...