ZenWifi XT8 Adding 3rd Node to Existing 2 Node MESH

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I've had the 2 Node XT8 MESH system running in my large 3 story home since Dec, been bullet proof since set-up.
Normally I would set this sort of thing up in the GUI, but for shvts n giggles I used the Asus App on my phone, worked great, super easy and fast.

Purchased a single Node pak to add a 3rd, again very easy!
With the Network (Main Router / Node + 2nd Node) all fully running:

- Unboxed the 3rd new Node
- Placed on a desk about 10 ft from my Main Router / Node.
- Powered it on.
- Went into my Asus Home Network GUI on my Mac Book, clicked on AI Mesh on the right side
- Clicked on "Add New Node to MESH" at the top.
- About minute later I got the "Success Your new Node added to the AI Mesh Network"
- Unplugged it, moved to where I wanted it, plugged it back in and about 30 sec later it automatically connected to my Mesh
- Done!

No LAN cables used at any time (as Ive red somewhere in here).
I'll have to update FW on all 3 as the 2 original are a different FW vs the new Node, but all seems to be working fine.

EDIT: Okay so updated all 3 at once on the Asus Phone App (its how Ive been doing the other 2 since Dec), about 3 min, all 3 updated to FW 42095

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