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    Incorrect Data for QoS WAN/LAN Bandwidth Monitor

    Has anyone noticed the Bandwidth Monitor sometimes reports incorrect usage for a device or confuses with another device? I checked the Traffic Analyzer and Adaptive QOS tabs, and they consistently got this wrong. They showed one of my smart plugs using 4GB of upload per day. I thought the plug...
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    AX88U and sytem log for wifi issues

    Asus doesn't play well with Apple devices with its default configuration I had the same issues with various Asus routers AC68U and AX87U. From the looks of these forums and a Google search, a lot of people have Apple issues, even with Asus' latest models. I changed the 5GHz Control Channel from...
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    2.4 GHz Issues (Could be Hardware?)

    Out of curiosity, why do you recommend the RT-AX86U over the RT-AX88U? Better bang for the buck? Looks like they have the same CPU and RAM, only difference I see is that the 2.4GHZ is 3x3 on the AX86U and 4x4 on the AX88U (extra antenna? Does it matter?). I don't have any WiFi 6 clients yet, so...
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    2.4 GHz Issues (Could be Hardware?)

    Hi everyone, I have an RT-AC-87U (woof, I know, running Merlin's last supported build for this model - 384.13_10) A year or so ago, I had an issue with the 2.4 GHz radio where it just would not start. There was no 2.4 GHz network broadcasting no matter what I tried (reboots, toggling it...
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    First tests of rt-ac86u on 384.7 alpha1

    @RMerlin I didn't realize the 87U is still on the 382 codebase. The fact that it works on 384.5 means the 384 code is backwards compatible for now? It seems Asus dropped support for this model except bugfixes. I see they released which fixed a lot of stuff included in...
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    Serious problem with 2.4ghz and recent firmware versions?

    I too have experienced miserable 2.4GHZ performance since upgrading my RT-AC87U to the 384 firmware (love the latest GPL and all the merlin stuff, but only the 2.4ghz has been a problem). I thought it was a hardware issue with the radio itself. I noticed very weird issues where it would not...
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    RT-AC87U WebUI Hangs and no SSH Shell

    Hi, I have an Asus RT-AC87U running Merlin's latest 380.68. Every once in a while, I noticed that the WebUI dies, where it just doesn't connect in the browser (and it hangs when you curl it). I decided to SSH in to restart httpd, but I couldn't get the shell to load. It's able to authenticate...