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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 380.68 is available

    It has been working well overall, but noticed VERY sluggish performance in Web UI after enabling OpenVPN Client. Maybe related new version.
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    QTS 4.2 Release Candidate 3 is now available for download

    Here is one thread about it, but I am sure there are others. I have had weird DataVol issues for the last 2-3 RC's. QNAP basically has said what for final release as they don't have a fix right now.
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    QTS 4.2 Release Candidate 3 is now available for download

    I would say it is getting closer to ready, but still a fair amount of issues being reported in the qnap forum (and experienced by myself).
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    QTS 4.2 - Live Demo/Simulator

    Well the released RC4 roughly 1-2 days after RC3. Still have a few open issues with them personally so I think it still needs a little more cooking.
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    QTS 4.2 Release Candidate 3 is now available for download

    Just an FYI, now up to RC4 which was just released.
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    The BEST 4-Bay QNAP for ~$1000 price range? TVS-471 the Top Pick? -OR- Jump to the 6-Bay TVS-671?

    Just as an FYI - It will partly depend on what SW you are streaming with. QNAP only spec's the TS-x53 family to support transcoding 5 streams at once (course this depends on resolution, original format, etc.) and that is when using the Intel QV capabilities built into the CPU for apps like...
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    Bought the Qnap TS-451 - Which Drives?

    I have been very pleased with Hitachi's Deskstar NAS drives. Backblaze has rated Hitachi one the best vendors in their real-world failure rates. I went with the 3TB version for my TS-453. For NAS certified drives, you are going to pay a little...
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    from Tomato to Merlin

    Have gone back and forth a couple times. Make sure to do a factory reset after you switch. You will have to reconfig by hand once you are up and running on Merlin FW. You can't restore a shibby config file into Merlin.
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    Does Synology have the hardware equivalent of the TS-453 pro?

    A little bit of apples/oranges there Lexi. The RS815 is Marvell ARM based not Intel based. You might be thinking of the older RS815+ model which are Intel based. Also the RS815 only has 2 GbE ports vs. 4GbE ports on the QNAP. QNAP also offers rack based versions of many of their NAS's too...
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    Adaptive QOS Category Details

    Is there a listing someplace of what App Protocols/Ports are associated with each QOS category (VOIP/Gaming/WEB/etc.)? Thanks, Trexx
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    Does Synology have the hardware equivalent of the TS-453 pro?

    Then I would get base config QNAP (2GB version) and do your own memory upgrade. Much cheaper than price tag QNAP charges, and it takes all of 5 minutes. I have upgraded mine to 16GB of memory, which is officially "unsupported" but has been working fine. The official supported max memory for...
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    Does Synology have the hardware equivalent of the TS-453 pro?

    As Steve said it really depends on what you want to use it for. IF you want to use it as an HTPC (running XBMC & Plex and connecting it to your TV via HDMI) or VMs (not just docker containers) are important to you, then go QNAP. Synology doesn't support either option at this time. You need...
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    A few questions before I purchase

    Protocols supported (SMB/NFS/AFP) has no effect on how space is carved. Most likely due to something you did when setting up your volume. Did you setup iSCSI space?? Remember 6TB really isn't 6TB due to drive manufacturers counting in base10 (1000) vs base2 (1024). Then when you add...
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    A few questions before I purchase

    Actually I have never seen a home consumer router that I thought had "GREAT" firmware or all the features that I would like. They dumb them down for the masses. And at least with Asus and the various similar chipset built Routers, you have the option to fix the vendors issues with 3rd party...
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    A few questions before I purchase

    I have a seperate Moto Docsis 3.0 cable modem and Asus AC-68u Router. ASUS router has great firmware + 3-4 open source firmware options as well (I flip back and forth between Tomato & Merlin firmware). Prefer keeping them seperate as then you can get best of both worlds, and if one fails is...