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    2.4GHz WiFi No TX on AC86U with 386.2_4

    I got the same issue recently. Was on Merlin 386.2 then upgrade to 386.2_4, same thing ... reboot will keep the normal status for about 2 days then suddenly all 2.4GHz devices go offline. :-(
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    I upgrade to 386.2 recently. When check my log it keep printing this line: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Apr 16 17:05:44 kernel: protocol 0800 is buggy, dev eth6 What should I look for? Thanks.
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    Router temperatures

    I am a little late to report. Upgrade my AC86u a week ago to 386.2 and notice the temp rise from 80 -> 85. Another 5 jump. Scratching my head why it's happening again when we discussed about "CPU wait" magic. Now even with it still stay on that temp, nothing changes to ambient etc. After a few...
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    Wireless Camera cause wifi disrupt or something else?

    I am not sure if this topic should be here but it really drove me crazy. I purchased a "cheap" outdoor wifi camera from Amazon recently since the price is comparable cheap and it states support RTSP so I can use my own ZM server without use so called cloud service. However the most weird thing...
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    AC86U overheats with fw 386

    It worth noticing that the cpu temp reading is changing immediately after issuing cmd to turn on/off "cpu wait on|off" through command line. I am kind suspecting how this could happen ... isn't that should the device wait a little bit to drop/rise temp? interesting... ---- it looks exact 5 C...
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    Strange single client bring down whole network with time scheduling (Parent control)

    Today my home network suffered a strange problem. It causes by enable/disable a single device (a motorola cell phone) from accessing internet at the point - all of sudden the whole internet was down. No matter wired or wireless. To resolve the issue, I reboot the router, no effect. Factory reset...
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    Solved asuswrt or merlin....

    simple answer, flash one merlin for your self and test. if that's interesting you you can go ahead. otherwise, revert to asus.
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    5+ months later, the Beast is finally alive

    I guess @RMerlin is just to show off the beast CPU/rig he had. Even the compiling took a whole night, come on, people can have 3 ~ 4 PCs at home so why bother do the work on several different machines. :cool:
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    Merlin on TM-AC1900?

    It's doable. But not be discussed in this forum. Google the topic will guide you somewhere that allow discussion.
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    Release RT-AC86U 11th January 2021 Firmware version

    Well I had the same experience of constantly memory reach high percentage, and I remember one time it does crash the router. I have raised similar question but as I am also trying out some add-ons so no clue if it's normal or not.
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    Custom build: a little bit digging into "Parent Control/Time scheduling" GUI changes

    Aha, didn't read that far but thanks for point to there. :)
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    Custom build: a little bit digging into "Parent Control/Time scheduling" GUI changes

    Yes! I just notice that. Might need a conversion inside the old page logic. Another idea, I noticed there are custom asp pages being integrated into the web gui, i.e. "AddOns" (come with scMerlin). Can you give me some hints how those "user?.asp" being used to display custom contents? How safe...
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    Custom build: a little bit digging into "Parent Control/Time scheduling" GUI changes

    I have expressed my complaint about Parent control/time scheduling GUI changes introduced since ASUS 386.xx fw version So I make a little digging on how ASUS implement the GUI. It turns out...
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    Release RT-AC86U 11th January 2021 Firmware version

    So you purchased router fan? think to convert some old cpu/case fan for the purpose.
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    Memory usage 94% and never drop

    hmm, I first start with default "standard" list (50K), then by curiosity choose the maximum 1 million one. Could that be a reason?