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  1. sfx2000

    10gb Integrated box

    Saw this the other day... https://www.cnx-software.com/2023/09/30/palmshell-next-h2-sbc-micro-server-10gbe-networking/
  2. ucoms

    Tutorial SFP GPON MGTS ASUS RT-AX89X - Works in 2023 2024

    SFP GPON MGTS ASUS RT-AX89X - Works in 2023 2024 Video: # Instructions for configuring the GPON SFP module for ASUS RT-AX89X 1. Buy a module netmod.ru netmod-SFPXBR2GR together with the SFP module "Green optical Attenuator SC/APC-SC/UPC" in the same netmod store and insert it into Asus But...
  3. B

    Questions WAN 10GB Fiber connection

    Hello, Around here in Switzerland, I just got fiber connection: "WAN Status: Rx:10Gbps Tx:10Gbps" The ISP started to tell me something weird, which start to raise some concerns. Basically on the ISP provider router (AX7501-B0), we can't even configure DNS now. The attempt of explanation...
  4. L

    router for home network update

    It is finally time to updgrade my old Draytek 2130 wired router. It served admirably for nearly 10 years, and can maintain 700Mbit hardware NAT throughput to WAN on my 1Gb Comcast internet, but it is showing it's age with slow VPN encryption and old VPN security standards. And I guess my new...
  5. TanyaC

    Intel X550-T1 with Netgear MS510TX switch 10Gbe copper to Win 2012 R2

    I have a pair of Netgear MS510TX switches connected together with SFP+ transceivers. I have a Windows 10 PC running an ASUS XG-C100C adapter and Windows 2012 R2 PC running the same adapter. They are connected to the 10G copper port on the respective MS510TX's There are several issues with the...
  6. Dubhead

    Replicating data from Synology to QNAP NAS

    Hello, I am looking for the most efficient way to move my data from my current Synology DS1813+ NAS to my brand new QNAP TVS-951X NAS. The Synology is currently configured with link aggregation for two of the Ethernet (RJ45) ports on the back of it and connected directly to my router which...
  7. sfx2000

    [news] SolidRun GT 8K - Armada 8040 (quad A72)

    This is a productization of the MACCHIATObin board... it's a real beast, spent some time looking at the MACCHIATOBin dev board when I was doing my little science project based on it's little brother from GlobalScale (EspressoBin). https://www.solid-run.com/marvell-armada-family/clearfog-gt-8k/...
  8. I

    Windows using 1Gb connection instead of 10Gb

    So I currently have my Windows PC connected to a Linux tower running RAIDZ, both via 1Gb LAN and a 10Gb Mellanox SFP+ connection. For months I was getting 500MB+ speeds to and from my NAS via the 10Gb, but this was before I bought a splitter and connected my NAS to the 1Gb as well. At some...