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  1. S

    Strange thing happening with router

    Hi All, Before I upgraded to the latest firmware 386.4 I had 386.3_2 on my AX88U and all of a sudden I lost internet connection. Found that the NTP server stopped syncing which is strange because the last time it happened I changed my ethernet cable and all was fine last year and a half. So...
  2. T

    Client List Woes

    I've searched and read through a few threads about this and didn't see anything similar and the answer may be be as simple as "Client List is closed source," but here goes... My two issues with the Client List are thus: Devices connected to the guest network will display an IP address that has...
  3. blacgren

    xfinity ipv6 issues

    Using a RT-AC66U with merlin firmware 386.3_2 with xfinity as my isp @houston,tx. As you can see from the attachments IPv6 is set to native but IPv6 LAN Setting no matter what doesn't fill up or display anything. System log instead shows me a wan IPv6 address and no clients!! What is going...