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  1. 6

    OpenVPN - disable Push LAN to Clients, but route to one IP isn't working

    Hello everyone. I'm setting up OpenVPN for the first time on my RT-AC67U(I believe it's a repackaged AC68U) using the stock firmware. By default, all works well and the client can connect and I can ping all the devices on the network from the client computer. But that's the issue. I only...
  2. W

    CPU high usage AC1900U/AC68U. VLAN related?

    Hello! I have just installed a AC1900U (AC68U) in my home. I’ve carried out a pretty basic installation, . A hard reset plus define SSIDs, remove upnp, define some static Ip and that’s all. No Aimesh, Ai protection or openVPN. The only relevant configuration apart from the...
  3. Maurizio

    AC68U - Cannot access via GUI but via SSH

    Strange thing happening. I cannot login via the std gui at with my browser, nor from LAN or WAN. But I can still via SSH. LAN or WAN. If I reboot the router 1 or 2 times, then it starts working again as normal. What could it be? last Log: May 5 07:05:14 acsd: selected...
  4. guy1973

    Smart Connect Asus RT-AC1900U

    Hello, Im a new user of a Asus RT-AC1900U and tried to install it today with the RT-AC68U_384.13_0 merlin firmware and then i couldnt find the place where i can change to something that asus call "Smart Connect", i found this text from a webpage "Smart Connect is the feature which could...
  5. L

    Recommended 4G failover device for ASUS RT-AC68

    Any good experiences with specific 4G LTE devices? Must be compatible with Google Fi ... which should work with any T-Mobile compatible modem. thx!
  6. P

    OpenVPN port troubles AC68

    Hi, I had a perfectly working OpenVPN setup on tun, a custom udp port and Asus dyndns on my AC68. Today suddenly clients failed to connect. The only time I am able to connect is with the default 1194 udp port which I want to avoid because of spammers. I experimented with numerous other ports but...
  7. N

    No Rescue Mode (Semi Solved)

    Hello all, I've been working on trying to update my TM-AC1900 router to the latest Merlin for hours now with much frustration. I also woke up to another issue but more on that after a little back story. I bought this router a couple of months ago and have already flashed it to Merlin 380.68_4...
  8. P

    AC68 - AC88 Migration

    Hi, I looked around a little and could not find the answer directly. I am migrating from an AC68 to an AC88, both on Merlin. I have a lot of configuration in the 68... QOS, manual DHCP entries, ... more.. The question is can I restore my AC68 settings to the AC88? Anything to know or other...
  9. S

    Looking for new desktop WiFi card (PCI)

    Hi all, So my desktop doesn't have a wifi adapter because I've always used wired connection (for gaming/streaming/etc.). I am unfortunately moving to a new place where I will not be able to use wired due to the location of the router (there's no in-the-wall ethernet ports and I can't run a...