asus 68u asuswrt vpn

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  1. B

    ExpressVPN router firmware giving access to main router

    I have an Asus 68u (with ExpressVPN firmware on it) connected to my Altice routers LAN port. For some reason when I go to I access my Altice routers interface (technically redirects to the page that has the router configuration similar to how i go to
  2. X

    Vpn on asus 68u behind a wireless router

    Asus 68u run asuswrt-merlin last update and I run OpenVPN on it. The wireless router is set in bridge and my isp they tell me that NAT is disabled. The routers are placed in my summer cottage and I live far away (300 km) and am stucked when the vpn not function which has happen now and last...
  3. R

    Can't connect to site on VPN through Asus AC68U

    I can connect to the site ( through my router, but when I connect to the VPN on my home network it doesn't connect to the site. This is strange because if I am on another network and use the VPN it works fine. I explained the situation to my IT group at work...
  4. J

    RT-AC68U [ASUSWRT] VPN OpenVPN Client Config

    FW VPN VyprVPN The installation went fine after a good swift kick in the binary digits (Reboots) I have this ASUS error The WAN IP is not the External IP. External IP-based services will not work. Is this a problem? If so, how do I fix it. John