asus 88u

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  1. L

    Does anyone know what 'mt-daapd[902]' is?

    I have an external HDD connected to my Asus router AC88U. Firmware: Asuswrt-Merlin 384.4_2 Today I saw something interesting in my routers general logs. mt-daapd[902]: Short file: /tmp/mnt/[path to a music folder]/[song].mp3 every ~5 minutes 4 of these appear pointing to the same folder on 4...
  2. M

    AiMesh - LAN Ports on Nodes? (AC5300/88U/68U)

    I recently I had a WiFi repeater die, and was excited to give the AiMesh a try since I have had a 68U as my main router for a few years. I did some research on this forum and it looks like the LAN ports and WiFi are supposed to be available in AiMesh mode, which is exactly what I need. For the...
  3. Wolfschiesst

    Routing question: How to reach Media Bridge via Access Point from LAN

    Dear Merlin-community, i have a setup constisting of 3 Asuswrt-Merlin driven Asus WLAN routers in my local home LAN. LAN-Topology: ------------------- 1. floor ---------------------------------------------------- + PC | | (1 GBit LAN cable) | + RT-AC88U (Main Router connected to Speedport...
  4. D

    Router would sometime fail to renew a WAN DHCP lease. (fix by theMIROn)

    I am having frequent "WAN Connection: ISP's DHCP did not function properly." messages (several times a day). This stops the internet connectivity for about 30 seconds, but is quite annoying nevertheless. I noticed a fixe called "Router would sometime fail to renew a WAN DHCP lease. (fix by...
  5. J

    AC88U Xbox live disconnecting

    Hello everyone! I’ve been having some issues with my Xbox one disconnecting from Xbox live on the 5ghz channel. I’m using the Asus AC88U router, and I’ve tried stock firmware and Merlin. Has anyone found a fix for it yet? I’ve used multiple different channels, reset my Xbox, etc. but I haven’t...
  6. S

    DLINK 890L triband at $180. Good deal?

    Hi, Was looking for modern dual band / triband router which would be comparatively future proof. Shortlisted Asus AC87u / 88u / 3200 / DLINK 890 L / Netgear X6. In india not all great routers recommended in SNB are available so have limited choice. DLINK 390L was not the top of the pack but at...
  7. exm

    Upgrade from RT-AC66U. Tried Orbi already.

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this! Here's my situation. I live in a large 3 stories house, where I have WiFi coverage problems in the MBR and the 3rd floor. Last week I purchased a Netgear Orbi Router/Sat uni, and I returned it this morning. There was significant packet loss even 5ft...
  8. chandras002

    crontab using cru -not working

    Dear all, last few days, struggling on this...:rolleyes: i want to run tcpdump for every 1 hours using crontab on my Asus merlin - AC88U - firmware 380.65_4. Now testing for every 1 min so, 1) I have a script name : /jffs/scripts/ !/bin/sh echo This is test...