asus rt-ax58u

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  1. V

    Maximum HDD capacity?

    Hey there. I have an RT-AX58U with the latest Merlin. AFAIK the partition/disk(?) size is limited by Asus. But even my cheaper router can handle my 6 TB HDD and this capacity in the 21st century it's not a "big deal". Is there any way or tweak to unlock this restriction on Merlin?
  2. I

    Asus AX3000 reboots every few minutes, only in the morning

    I bought a new ASUS AX3000 (RT-AX58U V2) in January of this year, 2022. It has worked without any problems until Wednesday of last week. Since Wednesday last week the router is constantly rebooting every few minutes from 06.00 until around 09.00 in the morning. After around 08.30/09.00 it...
  3. Darkmagister

    problem wifi lightbulb after update to 386.4

    Hello, i've a RT-AX58CU and i've updated from 386.2_6 to 386.4 and after the update i get some disconnection from the wifi with 2 lightbulb (only this 2 that are the same model of xiaomi/philips white lightbulb) i don't know why these two they stay connected but after a few minutes they becase...
  4. R

    Virgin Superhub 3 + AX56U/AX58U/AC66U_B1/AC68U: Will I benefit?

    I have read a lot or reports that pairing a SH3 with a router has many benefits however I'm not sure if they apply to me. I definitely encounter the SH3 instability with fairly frequent restarts! Mainly I'm unsure if a separate router will provide me with range improvements. My internet...
  5. JakeJ

    Problems with Asus RT-AX58U

    Hi. I bought the Asus RT-AX58U about a week ago and wanted to see the average throughput that I could get using a TP-Link AX3000 pcie wifi adapter. The download speed fluctuates a lot and while it does go to about 900Mbps for a few seconds, most of the time sits at under 100Mbps, which is...