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  1. Sauron

    Dedicated Wireless Backhaul Config Issues

    Hello folks, Got a nagging config issue--have an axe16k primary and ax11kpro wireless node. No issues adding the node to the mesh and having it prefer the 5g2 band as backhaul and consistently has a "great" connection. My problems arise when i try and move to a dedicated backhaul on the same...
  2. Sauron

    AXE16000 with AX11000 Pro wireless mesh

    Hello folks, longtime lurker first post. Recently i had two AC88U's in wireless mesh and merlin firmware setup for 4 years with 1.2g comcast ISP, worked flawlessly day...the node failed. I decided to replace both with a AXE16000 (got it for 450usd) as Primary, and a AX11000 pro...

    Force 2.4 GHz for backhaul?

    Is there no way to force 2.4 GHz for (one) backhaul? Before the AXE 16000 I had my AX88U as the main node and an AC2900 as satellite in another building (a garage) about 30 meters away (as well as several other nodes). Now the AXE 16000 is the main node, the AX88U is now in the garage and the...
  4. Slapdaddy

    Release ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 Firmware version

    ASUS GT-AXE16000 Firmware version Try more on ASUSWRT 2022 with new features at 1. Supported WireGuard VPN server and client. 2. Supported VPN fusion. It can easily achieve VPN connection to network devices like Smart TV, Game consoles and...
  5. TheRealMoleman

    GT-AXE16000 ASUS-WRT Merlin firmware?

    Any chance we’re going to see the Merlin firmware released for this bad boy? I like the stock ASUS firmware but would really like to go back to using the ASUS-WRT Merlin firmware.