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  1. readme

    SmoothWAN: Internet bonding router with seamless failover using Speedify

    SmoothWAN: Internet bonding router with seamless failover using Speedify (
  2. zacofunny

    [RT-AX88U] Issue with WiFi while using Link Aggregation

    Hi. I'm experiencing issue while using LAN Link Aggregation. The problem is that WiFi stops work properly, i.e. both the networks 2.4G and 5G are visible for clients, however router doesn't accept clients during authorization. Sometimes everything works with no issues until another restart...
  3. I

    How can I bond two VPN connections?

    I have an rt-ac68u and I have it set up as a VPN client. Each core in the CPU in the router seems to be able to handle about 25Mbps each. I've tested this and been able to simultaneously download at 25Mbps on each VPN connection to total 50Mbps. Is it possible to bond the connection locally...
  4. S

    BUG: Bonding/ Link aggregation = br0: received packet on vlan1 with own address as source address

    [Kit] Router: RT-AC88U Merlin v384.17 (Wifi is completely disabled) Bonding/ Link aggregation is enabled Port 1 and Port 2, PS4 and Nvidia Shield plugged directly into router Port 3 and Port 4. GS108Tv2: 8 Port Switch which connects to RT-AC88U via two port LAG (LACP) GS108PEv3: POE switch that...
  5. eleVator

    pc engines APU2, bonding VDSL2 RJ11 dual lines

    Hi, currently i am running latest merlin on my RT-AC86U behind the ISP Modem in bridge mode, which is also doing bonding of 2 DSL lines. Two RJ11 sockets on the Wall and the wire ends up as one RJ11 in the ISP Modem. I want to get rid of the ISP Modem and i was given settings howto to setup my...
  6. T

    Help needed with bonding, vlan trunking - router AC3200, managed netgear switch.

    Hi I'm looking for some help to resolve the issue I'm facing. I have an AC3200 running latest Merlin firmware and a netgear smart switch GS108Tv2. The switch supports 802.3ad (LACP) so I decided to run 2 network cables from the router physical ports 1 and 2 to the switch ports 7&8 and use...
  7. skeal

    [Tutorial Tp-link switch basics] Basic Vlan guide for IP or MAC isolation from others on Lan

    I've searched and read lots on this topic, and now I must say I'm more confused than anything else. Can someone offer me advice, on how to stop two devices on my network from communicating with the other devices of my Lan. These devices require nothing else other than internet access and have...
  8. Geofram

    Could really use some knowledge on LACP between two ASUS routers. I drew diagrams!

    I have two AC3100's running the latest Merlin (380.66_4). The first is in the office, with the modem, serving an 5GHz network optimized for throughput and a hidden 2.4GHz network optimized for compatibility. I want the second downstairs, repeating the 5GHz network for better coverage and...
  9. usamario

    Bonding RT-AC88U

    Hi Thank you to Merlin for creating this firmware, this is my second time around, I purchased an Asus a few years ago, then I purchased a Netgear R700, what a great router using the vortex-merlin firmware and to upgrade and continue using Merlins firmware now I purchased a RT-AC88U. I emailed...
  10. tooandrew

    Load balance many wireless networks

    So here is my situation. I have two rt-ac66u's (currently running asuswrt merlin, but I've run dd-wrt on them previously), a nighthawk x8000 (currently on stock firmware, but supported by openwrt), an older wndr3400 modified to have external antennae (currently running openwrt), an old pc with...