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  1. M

    Internal or External Captive Portal Solution

    I know Captive Portal has been asked several times and the answer is "no" It is not an easy task to add a captive portal to Asus Merlin fw. I have read about it all. But I still have hope to achieve it with different approaches. First, some of you guys have already discussed that Nodogsplash...
  2. A

    Asus RT-AC5300 connecting through a captive portal and making the most of it...

    Ok, so i moved a little while back and the new building I'm living in provides free internet via a captive portal login. I need to figure out a way to use my AC5300 running merlin. I have read that if i obtain a travel router that is designed to setup a network when the captive portal is the...
  3. sfx2000

    [tools] Captive Portal Puncher

    Sometimes when you're having to get to a login on a captive portal, it can be very tough, esp these days with HSTS, HTTPS, etc... Bookmark it and it can save you a bit of grief...
  4. sirmclouis

    Captive portal for guest network on RT-AC66U B1

    Hey! I'm running Asuswrt Merlin on my new RT-AC66U B1 and really happy with it. I'm amazed of all the things I can do with it. I'm a little noob in the field of building small networks and specially with this router and Merlin. I have a guess network at home and I would like to know if I...
  5. N

    Travel router that can access captive portal

    Hi all! I searched but could not find a post on this. I am looking for a router (small travel preferred) to use in hotspot mode (sharing a wifi connection). The host network that I want to access doesn't have a PW, but does use a captive portal login page. I want to connect an Internet radio to...
  6. M

    Using NFC to whitelist MAC adresses.

    Hey, total newb to networking and wanting to dip my toe in it with a little project. I would like to set up a network that would use NFC to authenticate a device for 24 hours. Essentially, let it connect, and after a certain time kick it out. I did a bit of digging on the internet and I found...
  7. Frankie Yuen

    Is there any Asus router that supports AiMesh has captive portal?

    Would like to setup a mixed Ethernet / wireless backhual mesh network that supports a guest network with captive portal - also need OpenVPN by the way, any advice?
  8. P

    BT Business Hub > ASUS RT-AC68U > Guest Log In

    Hi all I'm going to apologise in advance for my helplessness. I've been thrust into a situation without much experience and am trying to do all I can before admitting defeat. A small venue is looking to set up guest log in for their wi-fi, including data capture in the form of email addresses...