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  1. S

    Solved ASUS TUF-AX4200Q CFE Restore?

    Hi. I'm using ASUS TUF-AX4200Q(小旋风Pro). Somthing went wrong in "Factory" mtdblock. Not a brick, but some functions are not working properly. Is there any way to restore the original CFE?
  2. PAPPL

    RT-AC88U Power LED blinking after reset. No restore possible

    I forgot my Asus WebGUI password (Merlin firmware) and decided to reset my router with the reset button on the back of the device. After doing this the router was stuck in the restore mode (blinking Power LED) and i tried another reset method with WPS-button. Doesn't work. Stays in restore mode...
  3. S

    Trying To Recover My Dead Ax92u

    So my router died all of a sudden, well actually it would fail (Only Power & 2.5Ghz Led would be on) then sometimes if left unplugged it would turn on fully functioning until its restarts then die again! This has been happening for a month now. So I decided to check what was happening via a...
  4. A

    Best CFE for AC68U

    So looking at the options listed below I have 5 different choices. Anyone have any recommendations for which one I should run on my AC68U? rt-ac68u_1.0.2.0_eu rt-ac68u_1.0.2.0_us rt-ac68u_1.0.2.0_us_asus rt-ac68u_1.0.2.0_us_esmt rt-ac68u_1.0.2.1_us
  5. S

    RT-N66U CFE Upgrade

    Tried to send a private message to @ryzhov_al, but could not do so. Maybe it is because just registered. So instead am posting here. Anyone else who can help is welcome to jump in as well. Have a strange issue with an RT-N66U where sometimes it gets "stuck" after changing settings in the GUI...
  6. iceblue1980

    Looking for Putty boot log of a working RT-AC88u for troubleshooting purposes

    Hi guys, I'm trying to restore a couple of these units I got from eBay and was wondering whether anyone could share the boot log from Putty or similar, retrieved by serial / TTL / TFTP or similar connection methods from a healthy unit? If anyone got the full NAND dump, that would be equally...
  7. A

    RT-3200 CFE EU

    Hi! i have buyed Rt-3200 in Usa but i live In Italy. I want change cfe to EU.(so i can use 5ghz correct channels). Where i can download RT-3200 CFE EU? How i can upgrade it? Br,Alessandro
  8. G

    Can't Access CFE to Erase NVRAM After Failed Upgrade

    So, my Asus RT-AC88U was acting up after internet outages so I thought maybe a firmware upgrade was advised, it failed. I tried putting it in rescue mode but it never worked, and I tried erasing the NVRAM via the WPS button which also didn't do anything. I learned I could hook up my RPi to...
  9. endor

    ASUS RT-AC66U B2 AiMesh issues

    I recently stumbled upon an issue and would like to share this with you hopefully it could help if someone else has the same problem. This may not be limited to the specific model, i assume it could be applicable on others as well. Had two RT-AC66U B2 from 2019 in aimesh which was working well...
  10. pascalgeraeds

    AC88U bricked (stuck at Starting program at 0x00008000)

    My Asus AC88U is bricked, I was able to connect a serial cable to it and could log the boot sequence it is stuck at "Starting program at 0x00008000" It does allow upgrading firmware (original Asus, Merlin etc.) but it does not seem to pass this step. I can interupt the bootloader: CFE...
  11. R

    Can mtd-write2 backup a CFE?

    The title says it all. I'm in the router (running fine) and would like to make a backup of the CFE. Is there a way to achieve this with the mtd-write2 command (or alternative) without need to have access to the box physically? Thanks!
  12. F

    Bricked RT-AC68U when downgrading CFE

    Hi, I was trying to downgrade the CFE for overclocking, because CFE does not allow overclocking. The original firmware were: CFE Firmware: RT-AC68U_384.13_0 Hardware: REV E1 board rev 1.90 After backing up the original CFE and obtained the modified CFE, I flashed the
  13. A

    Belkin CFE recovery errors?

    Hi, I am trying to recover a router I purchased from eBay. It's Belkin F9K1124 AC1900. I tried to recover with UART but this is not recognising any commands. I pressed esc while booting and this is what I booted up to. It's not CFE as other websites mention. Resetting with TFTP by pressing reset...
  14. S

    TM-AC1900 CFE blacklisted non-TMO FW after merlin 380.61 updt after 2 yrs of regular merlin updates

    I could not update my TM-AC1900 (TMO's version of the Asus RT-AC68U) from asuswrt-merlin FW version 380.61 to 380.62 or 380.63. I have been installing periodic merlin FW updates for 2 years! Somehow the CFE blacklisted non-TMO FW! Here are the details of how I fixed the issue. Thought I would...
  15. wallaby32

    [AC1900P] BB variant of AC68U(I think) Overclocking? yes or no?

    Hello, Been using this router for about 2 weeks. It's pretty much a beast. But, I was wondering with the new bootloader version that Asus is using, is it possible to Overclock? standard clock is at 1.4ghz. with a small fan I can keep CPU temps down to about 62C and I would like to push the...
  16. M

    RT-AC68U Bootloader (CFE) issue

    I am trying to access bootloader of asus rt-ac68u router using serial port and putty. Unable to get cfe prompt in the terminal(even after pressing ctrl-c or Esc). That bootlog never ending and the log is in waiting state with the message saying "starting ntp.."(see the attached log).
  17. B

    RT-AC66U stuck in rescue mode & i/o errors fw uploads

    My router came up properly, I configured it, then it somehow got stuck in rescue mode (power LED blinks slowly). I have tried EVERYTHING to do with resetting and wiping nvram and loading new firmware (old, new, stock, merlin, tomato) via the Mac Restoration tool, the CFE web GUI firmware loader...