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  1. S

    Help me with my Decade long battle with coverage

    Hello, Im wondering if anyone can help me with my decade long battle with internet coverage. My biggest limitation is that cables are not allowed to be used across the house (It would make it look "shapeless", otherwise Id buy Access point). I uploaded two images one of my current step up...
  2. J

    YazFi How do you access a YazFi diagnostic file?

    This is probably a simple question, but … how do you access the YazFi diagnostic file? I see where to create one, and the pass phrase it provides, … but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to open/access it. (Annnnndddd……… I want to access it because any time I set “client isolation”...
  3. Threem

    AC86U on WiFi losing connectivity

    Hello everyone, I am very lost at this point. I have tried factoru reset, but problems still persist. I am using an AC86U, with the latest firmware i can download from Asus site. Now problem is this, i realise recently like since late 2020, i kept getting problems with connecting on my...
  4. S

    Mesh connectivity vs setup question

    I have a basic mesh question, which I struggle to find good answers to; I have a mesh wifi network with 3 x TP-link Deco M9 routers in my house. I must admit i would have expected better performance that what I do; The signal strength is very good all over the house, and ... When I try...
  5. Karajorma

    Weird issue when using VPN on the network.

    I have a Asus RT-AC88U as my router connected to a China Telecom Huawei Echolife HG8120C cable modem. The majority of the time my setup seems to work well but I have had intermittant problems when watching videos over a SAMBA connection to other devices on the network where the video will pause...
  6. macster2075

    Asus RT-AC68P as AP

    Hi.. I need to have two routers. router 1 is for computers connected using Ethernet router 2 which is on another part of the house is connected to router 1 (connected to the WAN port) using an Ethernet cable and is broadcasting 2 SSID's. - family wifi -...
  7. I

    Intermittent Connectivity with latest firmware for ASUS RT-AC88U

    Hi everybody, I am new here and have run into some problems with my (2nd) ASUS RT-AC88U. First problem was I could not enable the 5.o Ghz radio. I tried everything and finally determined the radio was inop for that band. Replaced it with another and had only minor issues setting it up and it has...
  8. N

    August Connect issue?

    Does anyone have a Smart lock by August with the August Connect device? For the past 3 days I was trying to set it up to my router but it kept failing. I thought maybe the device was defective. Today I decided to set it up again but instead of connecting it to my RT-AC5300 router I decided to...
  9. Dan Dascalescu

    Intermittently unable to access the router after installing latest stable build

    I've flashed RT-AC68U_380.65_4.trx onto my AC-68U (in repeater mode) and now I can't connect to either of the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz APs (failed to get an IP), and when I connect to the parent AP (my phone's hotspot), half the time I can't access the router's admin UI. I get this error: But the other...
  10. A

    No IPv6 connectivity on RT-AC66, 380.61

    Short description: I'm unable to access ipv6 only servers in the internet, even though I have a native IPv6 address. Ping6 does work between local computers and computer <-> router, however not between computer and internet (tested with or even router and internet (timeout, 100%...