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  1. S

    Voxel [RBK50] DNSCrypt Proxy configuration being overwritten on reboot

    I'm running the latest Voxel firmware ( on my RBK50. I enabled dnscrypt-proxy-2 using the instructions in the readme. When I try to change the config file /etc/dnscrypt-proxy-2.toml, the changes do not persist after a reboot. Do I need to change the permissions on the file or...
  2. C

    DNScrypt dnscrypt keeps saying address is already in use

    This may sound like a silly question but does anyone know how to solve it? When I try to get dnscrypt-proxy to listen to ipv6, it always shows that the address is already in use. listen udp [::1]:53: bind: address already in use Is there any way that would allow me to see what is using the...
  3. TsukiKanade

    Reinstalling DNSCrypt2 (Solved)

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask this, and if it isn't, I apologize. I've seem to run into an issue where, using Kamoj's excellent addon, I get the error message "DNSCrypt v2 is not running, but is enabled" under DNSCrypt v2 Servers on my R7800. No problem. Searching...
  4. gspannu

    SOLVED: Help: Diversion, DNSCrypt-Proxy; client exclusion

    Need some assistance with my setup.. RT-AX88U running Diversion & DNSCrypt-Proxy Requirements: - All of my clients to go through DNSCrypt & Diversion Ad-Blocking - 2 of my clients to totally bypass Diversion, but still use DNSCrypt. On searching the forums and Diversion website; there is a...
  5. kc6108

    SNB and Ads

    Hi, In the spirit of supporting SNB, I like to know how to not block ads on this site only. Right now I am seeing this at the top of my screen: Hi there, If you are a regular SNBForums user, please disable your ad and/or tracking blocker for this site. Ads make it possible for us to provide...