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  1. M

    Recent dual-WAN experience: Asus vs. Cisco vs. Peplink

    I recently tried out three routers for a large dual-WAN load-balancing home installation: Asus AC68U, Cisco RV340W and Peplink Balance 20. For others looking for dual-WAN routers, I thought I'd offer my lessons learned. The Asus AC68U was what I had operated for several years. However, I never...
  2. e_lasman

    Dual-WAN connections issue

    I'm using AC68U on 380.66_4 and have two WAN providers in Load Balancing configuration, both via PPPoE. Primary (100MBps) is connected to WAN and secondary (70MBps) into LAN1. The problem is that when I have both ISPs up&running, I notice generally significant lag in sites responses. Sites will...
  3. K

    4G-AC55U or RT-AC68U for 4G/Dual-WAN connections

    Hello everybody, I have a very slow DSL connection and want to speed it up with a 4G mobile connection. Because the mobile connection offers only a limited volume (of 20 GB), I would like to have Dual-WAN 'Failover' as well as 'Load-Balance' functionality. Both is included in the AC68U router...