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  1. D

    Linksys EA6900 power supply suddenly not enough

    I have had this router for about 2 years now, it was working well, and all of a sudden it's wireless signal disappeared, it was in a reboot loop, thought it needed a reset or something, so I did it with no results, thought it was the power supply (12V 2A) tried another working ea6900 (a file...
  2. SwizItalo

    Which addon to analyze/monitor traffic/bandwidht per user?

    Ex ubiquiti here, i moved to merlin from edgerouter because lack of stability and updates. Now i gave another chance to my 8 years old Linksys ea6900 with Merlin and its rock solid. But i miss this tool (image attached) for traffic analysis, is there something similar for Merlin? I'm on firmware...
  3. M

    Serial Connection USB to TTL Unable to get cfe prompt

    I have a EA6900 with xvortex cfe and it is stuck in boot after a firmware upgrade. I am unable to put the router in rescue mode to use mini web server to upload firmware. I tried serial connection but I am not getting cfe prompt to erase nvram and reflash. I tried Ctrl C as well as space and...
  4. P

    How to tag and bridge vlans on Linksys EA6900

    Yesterday I flashed my EA6900 with Asuswrt-Merlin 380.62_1 . Everything works great but now I would like to use EA6900 instead of my ISP router. I am using Orange FTTH with ONT device and I was able to set internet connection over PPPoE in GUI by setting VID 35. I have full speed 600Mb/s etc...
  5. O

    Printer in Guest Network...

    Hi, I am a noob at this hence appreciate your patiene. I have a Linksys EA6900 router running XWRT-Vortex (AsusWRT-Merlin port for Linksys). I have a wireless printer in the Guest wifi SSID (need this is guest network because my kids friends come over for studies and need access to printer). At...