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    Thoughts on the linksys ea9500 v2?

    I’m leery of belkin products, firstly, but I have been looking for a router that has strong WiFi signals for a new android tv box. My current router is an 86u, and it’s in a less than ideal location for delivering signal through a chicane hallway and a bedroom door (best place I could put it)...
  2. T

    Linksys EA9500 and Roku Private Listening/Remote

    I have a Linksys EA9500 and often use the private listening feature of my Roku stick. But the audio was getting dropped about once an hour or so requiring the private listening to be turned off and on again. It's not really a big deal, but in addition to that, the remote would occasionally...
  3. E

    Disappointed with Linksys EA9500. Advice?

    I purchased the EA9500 in late November. For the amount I paid for this, I'm really not happy. My previous router was a ASUS RT-AC56U (AC1900). I was hoping with this router I would get better signal in other parts of apartment on the 5GHz channel and possibly faster speeds. I don't believe I...
  4. J

    Linksys EA9500 and EA8500 as Wireless Bridge Issues

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Linksys EA9500 and EA8500 to replace my Apple Airport Extreme AC. I wanted the Tribands because I felt the Apple Router was not able to handle all of my devices. Anyways, I had the apple routers setup as such: One was my router and WAP and the other one...
  5. N

    Linksys EA9500 vs Asus RT-AC5300 (tests enclosed)

    In short Signal strength 2.4 GHz: winner Asus Signal strength 5 GHz: winner Asus Speed (throughput) 2.4 GHz: winner Asus (in fringe locations it was much faster than Linksys on 2.4 GHz). Speed (throughput) 5 GHz at closer ranges : winner Asus Speed (throughput) 5 GHz at further ranges ...