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  1. M

    USB drive not mounted and read-only error

    Hey everyone. I wanted to share something I noticed today regarding the RT-AX86U router. It caught my attention that AdGuard wasn't running, so I decided to investigate further. Upon checking the router, I discovered that Entware was not mounted. To my surprise, the USB drive itself was not...
  2. C

    Partgrator – automated data migrations on ext fs corruption

    Tired of having a corrupted USB once in a while after rebooting/powering-off your Asuswrt-Merlin router? Introducing partgrator, a collection of scripts that automate the task of keeping ext filesystems free from corruption caused by forced power-offs and reboots without being safely unmounted...
  3. mcmanigle

    [Solved] Asuswrt-Merlin USB Mount Issue

    This is a bit of an odd one, and I think I've searched pretty thoroughly. Have been using my RT-AC86U with factory asuswrt for a little while, but recently installed Merlin for the ability to run cron jobs. After install, did a factory reset and aside from standard WAN settings left things...
  4. bROTHER

    How to partition bigger than 2TB disk with GPT and ext4

    Now seems straightforward, but I tried many, many ways to finally get here. Well, you just bought a 4TB disk which as you may know is the max size the router can handle (https://event.asus.com/2009/networks/disksupport/). You do want to use the bigger partition you may get to simply use...
  5. Zonkd

    Disk formatting

    Questions, answers and insights on the topic of disk formatting and related disk management tasks. A thread started and watched by author of the disk formatting wiki guide. Let me know if you see a mistake in the Wiki and I'll correct it. The old guide I posted in the other thread is no...
  6. B

    Mount a ext4 USB drive?

    I recently installed Merlin's ASUS WRT firmware, and wanted to install Skynet and Diversion. The Skynet developer recommends ext4, and Diversion requires it. Now, I can only get Skynet to recognize the USB drive and work with FAT32. As soon as I pop in a ext4 drive, the router's WebGUI says...
  7. B

    Using a 4+ TB Drive (6TB)

    I am about to get a 6TB drive. According to the compatibility chart, only up to 4TB EXT4 partitions are supported. So I assume I should format it with 4+2TB EXT4 partitions, and then share that out via Samba so Windows clients can use it like a network share.. Is there anything I should know...
  8. J

    EXT4 disk formatting options on the router

    Hi. Does anyone know how one can format a USB as ext4 with journaling disabled, from within the router's shell interface? When I've used the disk formatting options it seems to automatically use EXT2. Without getting onto a debate between ext2 vs ext4, does anyone know how ext4 without...
  9. S

    Encrypt Share Folders?

    Is there any way to add encryption for the AiDisk, and subsequent Share directories? It seems rather pointless having separate user directories, with separate passwords when it's easy enough to simply pull the USB stick out, and shove it in your computer's port. I believe EXT4 supports...
  10. N

    ac68u) can't mount 8tb external hdd (ext4)

    Hi. I have used ac68u and easystore 8tb external hdd (NTFS format) well so far. But I heard that ext4 format is more stable, so I formatted ntfs to ext4 using gparted on Windows. After that, ac68u can't mount external hdd. (I can see hdd in but it is unmounted) At first I think 8tb...
  11. D

    ext4 USB 3.0 drive failing to mount - unsupported optional features

    I'm trying to get a 32GB flash drive to mount on my RT-AC68P. I used the latest version of gparted to format it to ext4 and everything seemed fine. Here are the logs from the router. Running 380.65_2. Any ideas? Mar 16 11:24:13 kernel: usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and...