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  1. pirx73

    Consequences of RT-AC68U USB flash failure

    Hello gents. Recently i got a very strange glitch with my trusty AC-68U. Two days ago in a middle of day internet just stopped working. Exactly like that. No tinkering with router involved. Router just stopped forwarding traffic. Restarting router yielded very weird results - no DCHP requests...
  2. dugaduga

    [solved] AC66UB1 + 348.10_beta2 Reboot cycling from OpenVPN certs, aka nvram overflow

    Had some issues with OpenVPN, after rebooting to see if this would rectify the issue, it went into an infinite boot loop; Factory default/reset button doesn't change that. I cannot access the router at all. Looks like the latest firmware bricked my AC66U B1 [nope, way off] Anyone know how to...
  3. XIII

    Entware Entware: which USB stick performs well?

    This weekend @kvic posted a new tool to measure the performance of the USB stick in your router: https://kazoo.ga/benchmark-usb-flash-drives-on-routers/ Turns out my SanDisk Ultra Fit 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive is not performing too well: https://kazoo.ga/content/images/iozone-db.txt What USB...
  4. S

    TM-AC1900 (RT-AC68U) - Bricked?

    Hi all, Just got a new TM-AC1900 a few days ago and new to all of this. I have been stuck with this problem for a few days now. Problem: I was in the process of flashing my TM-AC1900 to Asus RT-AC68U firmware when it stopped. When I next powered it up, there were solid lights on WAN and all...
  5. SJMarty

    [RT-AC66R] Very Strange Firmware Updating Behavior

    I have two RT-AC66R routers configured as router/AP. They were both running v1.28. Since I was running such an old version, I decided to try out the newer firmwares available (Shibby v1.40, Merlin v380.67_0, and stock ASUS v380.7743). I took the AP down and flashed to Merlin and then stock...
  6. Julio Urquidi

    Synology Adds FS2017 NAS To All-Flash Line-Up

    Updated The 24-bay FlashStation FS2017 All-Flash NAS is powered by Intel’s 8-core Xeon D processor and 16 GB of DDR4 ECC RDIMM (expandable to 128 GB). Per Synology, the FS2017 can deliver over 90K 4K random write IOPs, ideal for applications needing storage resources for low latency applications...
  7. P

    new RT-AC68W disappointing range

    Please let me know whether this plan is correct, or not? Thanks in advance. Just upgraded from RT-N66R, to RT-AC68W yesterday; primarily as new S7 Edge uses AC, want to see what it can do. Previously, no problems with the N66R. I have it as primary router with Fios Actiontec as secondary...
  8. sshanky

    TM-AC1900 router -- seems bricked but didn't do anything to it!

    Hi! I have two of these routers. One was connected and in use. While it was connected, I decided to try flashing the OTHER one to an RT-AC68U using the instructions that are easy to find on this site. It took some time, but I was successful. However, and this seems too weird to be concidental...
  9. J

    Flashing ASUS RT-N66U

    Hello, I am trying to flash my ASUS router with the "Firmware Restoration" utility provided by ASUS. First I booted into rescue mode, then I uploaded the image with the utility. After it's finished it says: 'Failed to connect to the wireless router. Check if the router's LED is blinking...
  10. Steve M.

    2x Asus RT-N66U (Merlin Fork) - Traffic Monitor Log Size?

    Greetings SNBForums: I have two Asus RT-N66U Wireless Routers (in WDS) and I'd like to enable detailed traffic monitoring so I can see exactly which nodes are sucking up the bandwidth (Wild Blue Satellite <30GB / Month). I'd like to use a 256MB USB Flash Drive (UFD) dedicated to storing...
  11. Julio Urquidi

    WD’s $18.1 B Acquisition Of SanDisk Is Done

    Western Digital Technologies (WD) announced that Sandisk is now a Western Digital company with post-acquisition related activities starting immediately. Three days after getting Chinese approval for its acquisition of SanDisk, Western Digital Corporation (WDC), announced that its WD...