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TM-AC1900 router -- seems bricked but didn't do anything to it!

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I have two of these routers. One was connected and in use. While it was connected, I decided to try flashing the OTHER one to an RT-AC68U using the instructions that are easy to find on this site. It took some time, but I was successful.

However, and this seems too weird to be concidental, my active TM-AC1900 stopped working at the same time, just as I was finishing the process of flashing the extra router.

Note that the active router is in a closet, and I was not connected to it physically at any part of the process (I plugged the extra router into my computer which normally connects wirelessly).

So, I have now started using the extra (flashed) router, which is now a RT-AC68U, and am connected via wifi. But now, I cannot use my original TM-AC1900. I've reset NVRAM by holding down the WPS button, and I've tried hard resetting by holding the reset button until the power light starts flashing (slowly, 1 flash per second).

When I power on the router, many LEDs flash once, briefly, and then they all go off and only the power light is illuminated. No wired connection to the computer works.

Any ideas? I don't know how this would have happened. There's no such thing as a coincidence -- but I don't know how I could have messed it up. There were conflicting wifi SIDs for a bit...but how would that matter. I am really confused.

Thanks a lot!
I just had this happen to my TM-AC1900 while reflashing, except I was able to ping it via wired connection in recovery mode. Are you not able to connect via wire in recovery mode on (or 29.1)?

You should be able to use the Asus Firmware Restoration Tool if you can find a way to ping the router in recovery mode.

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