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  1. K

    Need recommendation for mesh/AP solution for guest network with IPTV

    Hi - first post in this forum :) I live in a 350m2/1150sq ft house over three floors. In the first floor we have a apartment that we are going to rent out, with included internet and TV. Also we're soon getting a new ISP. We're getting our first tenant soon, and would like to get a secure and...
  2. brentil

    RT-AC86u upgrade to re-IPd my Guest Networks

    I have a RT-AC86u on stock Asus firmware just the single router, no mesh. I have several "Guest Networks" setup for things like IoT devices and actual guests which all of those have Access Intranet = Disabled for isolation. Every device on my network has a DHCP static lease so that every item...
  3. P

    ping device in Guest wifi with "Access Intranet" disabled

    Hi, I need to disable access to intranet for guest devices, but for one of them I need to have ability to ping it from LAN. I tried: ebtables -t filter -I FORWARD -p IPv4 -d GUEST_DEVICE_MAC --ip-proto icmp -j ACCEPT ebtables -t filter -I FORWARD -p IPv4 -s GUEST_DEVICE_MAC --ip-proto icmp -j...
  4. J

    Guest for IOT devices

    Created a guest ssid for my smart home devices. Works great as long as I allow intranet access. However allowing intranet also allows guest devices to access my main ssid devices. Separating them was the whole point. Well most of it. Disallowing intranet on the guest causes some devices to...
  5. N

    Guest network with an off-router DHCP/DNS server not working (384.13)

    I am running Pi-hole in DHCP mode, and consequently DHCP is disabled on the router. DNS entries on the LAN page are left blank with appending of the router IP set to 'no'. DNS entries on the WAN page are set with the Pi-hole's local IP as the primary DNS and CloudFlare as the secondary fall-back...
  6. M

    Guest Wifi DHCP with separate subnet

    Hello All, I wanted to see about how I can get a separate DHCP range that is in a completely different subnet working via the dnsmasq.postconf file found via this tutorial. Here's a general overview of my setup: Fios > Enterprise firewall > Static Route on firewall pointing to WAN IP of...
  7. macster2075

    Bandwidth Limit on guests

    Is there a way to limit the bandwidth for the guest network? I have been searching and all I've found is the Qos which works fine..but I am looking into limiting the bandwidth on everyone connected to the guest wifi to a lower speed than the rest of the network. I know I can limit each device...
  8. macster2075

    Asus RT-AC68P as AP

    Hi.. I need to have two routers. router 1 is for computers connected using Ethernet router 2 which is on another part of the house is connected to router 1 (connected to the WAN port) using an Ethernet cable and is broadcasting 2 SSID's. - family wifi -...
  9. S

    Mesh WiFi that offers Guest Network Intranet blocking in Access Point mode

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some assistance in getting a mesh WiFi setup that can block (entirely or to some extent) Intranet access when in Access Point mode. I realize that Intranet blocking typically only works when the Mesh WiFi setup is in router mode, but I'm looking for a Mesh WiFi...
  10. cammelspit

    VLAN Guest WIFI isolation, AP Mode

    Hey guys, I am in need of some help here. I am in a situation where I have a large number of rommates/guests connected to my WIFI. I am using an ASUS AC5300 as my access point. DHCP and everything is handled my a pfSense instance running on my unRaid server. Here is my problem. When I set the...
  11. W

    Using VLAN vs. Guest Network on RT-AC66U?

    I’m using the latest ASUS firmware for the AC-66U (, which I don’t believe has VLAN capability. I would like to segment my IoT devices off from the main network for security since these devices usually are weak on security. What would be the downside of using a guest network...
  12. Resonce

    Having problems making guest network wifi work with OpenVPN config of Mullvad

    So I've tested my configuration of Mullvad VPN which was done through following their guide it works properly on LAN but totally fails connecting to the internet on the guest network at first I thought it was the routes I set or my...
  13. sbarmen

    Enable wireless guest network from CLI

    Hello, we have set up a guest network with 14 hours access for the kids. If we log on to the web interface and click enable this network lasts for 14 hours and then expires. I have set up a crontab script under /jffs/scripts/ that is stored and recreated every boot. I would like to add a "cru...
  14. A

    NAS server on private network

    Hey, I am new here . I have two access points on my network. One is for my personal use and the other is for others(frnds and stuff) I am planning to setup a NAS server. SO when I set up the nas server I don't want people connected to my guest access point finding the server. P.S I use the...
  15. R

    Can't connect to Guest Networks. DHCP issue?

    Wireless clients can connect to the regular 2.4/5 Ghz WiFi networks just fine, but no one can connect to the Guest Networks. I've tried both bands, different keys and encryption settings and just an open network. Doesn't seem to be an authentication issue, more like a DHCP lease issue. DHCP is...
  16. G

    2.4 Guest SSID enabled, but normal 2.4 disabled, webui or ssh ?

    Hello, Actually both normal 2.4 and 2.4 guest SSID are enabled, but the normal 2.4 isnt used at all. Can I disable the normal 2.4 SSID and keeping the 2.4 guest SSID in the webui, or only with SSH ? Thanks.
  17. J

    How is traffic routet from defaults vlan1 to vlan2 (the WAN)?

    Ok, after studying a lot of postings (including in dd-wrt forum) the basics are unclear. No high-level explaination seems to be available. RT-N66 @ latest Merlin. For starters, let's do a factory reset and check robocfg show: vlan1: 1 2 3 4 8t vlan2: 0 8u Ok, partly clear. The WAN port 0 is...