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  1. Skeptical.me

    [HDD-AC86] Maximum HDD Size for RT-AC86U

    Hi, I am just wondering what the maximum Hard Drive size that can be used with the RT-AC86U? I have a 4TB WD Elements, 6TB WD Elements, and a 6TB WD Red (NAS) HDD with external housing. Are these too large for the Router? Thank you very much.
  2. H

    Hard drive keeps giving error

    Hello, I recently update from ASUS firmware to Merlin 384.8-Beta2. It seems external hard drive which is brand new keeps throwing error. I run check and so far no error is reported. I tried to revert back to default ASUS firmware and below doesn't happen. Any idea how to resolve the issue? -...
  3. thiggins

    WD Announces 10 TB Drives

    Western Digital today announced the expansion of its WD Red® and WD Red Pro NAS hard drives family with the introduction of 10 TB capacity models. The main difference between WD Red Pro and WD Red is WD Red Pro spins at 7,200 RPM vs. 5,400 RPM for the Red, giving it a slight edge for...
  4. M

    My first home NAS! I need some advice...

    Hi! I decided this week to use a NAS at home and bought the QNAP TS-251 with 8Gb RAM. I'm a newbie so there are some things I wanted to ask about setting it up... I'd appreciate if you could give me some advice about the following: First, about choosing the hard drives - do they really need to...
  5. mjsmith79

    FS: QNAP TS-653A-4G 6 Bay NAS Enclosure

    QNAP TS-653A-4G (4GB RAM version) 6-Bay Professional-grade NAS. Intel Braswell Quad-core 1.6 GHz CPU with Media Transcoding Price: $680 + $25 (UPS Ground), pick up available (Upland, CA) Condition: Brand new, in unopened box No hard drives included. Retails for over $750. Features (from...
  6. G

    External Asmedia USB3 hard drive no longer recognized on USB3 port but fine on USB2

    Ok so I have a external hard drive, Rosewill RX 358 U3C which uses the AsMedia 1051 chipset. It's been working fine in the router, in the USB3 port, for many months but recently I noticed it's no longer showing up. I'm not sure if it coincides with my latest upgrade to 380.59 but either way, the...
  7. D

    USB Hard drive mount appends (1)

    Hello my friends, I have a Linksys with ASUSWRT merlin firmware on it, version 380.58 and I have 2 hard drives connected to it, one for tv shows and one for movies, my problem is that sometimes when it reboots the both get mounted but one of them, the one on the ubs 2.0 port gets (1) appended to...