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  1. K

    Better throughput and how does homeplug actually work??

    Hi! I'm looking to gain some speed in my homeplug network. I only use homeplug as a means to get a cabled connection to my TV and Apple TV which both reside in an area where I can't run a proper twisted pair ethernet cable. Oh yes and for my heat pump but the bandwidth demands of that device are...
  2. C


    First a description of the situation. My internetmodem is in my house and I want signal in my garage thats 60 yards away. The signal has to go trough three triple-brick walls of my house. A small garage with plastic siding and finally trough steel SIP panels. I tried repeaters but that didn't...
  3. ccl13

    Why no HomePlug(Powerline) with PoE (802.3af/at)?

    Why there's no product that works as a Powerline Ethernet Adapter with PoE built in? I would think this could be a killer solution for a bunch of surveillance cameras and APs. One reason I could think out is price. It's understandable the price could be higher, but hopefully it would not cost...
  4. thiggins

    Trendnet Launches AV2 1200 Powerline/Wireless Access Point Combo

    Trendnet announced a two-in-one powerline combo to help eliminate Wi-Fi deadspots at home. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  5. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link's Latest Powerline AV2 2000 Passthrough Starter Kit Now Shipping

    D-Link announced that it is now shipping its latest HomePlug AV2 powerline kit, the DHP-P701AV. The new kit includes two MIMO powerline adapters that use a home’s electrical outlets to send data from point “A” to point “B” through a building’s built-in wiring. Aside from a maximum link rate of...
  6. A

    Homeplug AV / AV2 interoperability

    Hi. I know that the various Homeplug standards are designed to be interoperable, but I haven't found an answer to the specific question of what speeds devices will communicate at when simultaneously plugged in. Question 1: Let's assume the following set up: 3 x 750MBps SISO AV2 adapters 1 x...