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  1. mutlucan

    DHCP hostname assignment does not work

    I want to use host names instead of IP addresses. From what I learned about this, I configured like these: I access to router's UI using "router.local" just fine. I assigned "" with "pihole.local" but it does not work. Not sure if it is related but Pihole is a docker container...
  2. xulian

    Naming aimesh nodes

    Hi, I have a setup with 3 nodes and only main one is able to set a name within the LAN device name section. Others keep the device model name as defaults. Any chance to assign my own device names there so I can access them other way than IP mode? thanks
  3. B

    VPN Client Policy Rules (strict), affects hostname on all network devices.

    I just set up a VPN Client, imported a .ovpn file, and it seems to be working great. Only the specified device actually has the different IP as excepted. It's just that somehow, other network devices seem to return with a different hostname, in my case, ""...
  4. ADFHogan

    Setting a static hostname...

    If my internet connection has a static IP by way of DHCP reservation at ISP, and I have a hostname pointed to that IP address, what's the proper way to configure that hostname on the router so it's used for DHCP domain (so internal hostnames are in a globally unique domain) and appears correctly...
  5. E

    [ASUS RT-AC87U] ISP Hostname character problem

    Hello, I'm pretty new here but I have an important question, I'm from Spain and I have a FTTH with the Vodafone ISP, the router they provide is just trash so i decided to replace it with the Asus RT-AC87U but i should specify a hostname (WAN > Special ISP requirement > Hostname) but the hostname...
  6. sfx2000

    FAQ - Reserved Characters/Names - SSID/Passwords/Hostnames/Domains

    Maintaining/updating this list - I've tried to capture most of the characters/words/ranges to avoid - if there are more, please reply to this thread and I'll update the list... Changelist 08/9/22 - update for Thread IOT reserved HLD's (.home, .service) 08/11/19 - quick update about reserved...