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  1. F

    LAN iperf3 speed test slower than internet speedtest.net

    I have a desktop computer with a wireless adapter. For testing, it is the only device connected to my Wi-Fi network and the only hardwired equipment are the WAP and cable modem. Network Topology Arris Surfboard SB8200 – Connected to ISP at 1 Gbps Unifi Dream Machine (UDM) Special Edition (SE)...
  2. Y

    establish a wireless link only between two routers

    Recently I am trying to establish a wireless link between two RT-Ac86U routers (AP1 & AP2) using iperf3, the network is illustrate below. However, since the two router is wired connected, all the traffic goes through cable line while nearly nothing in the air. In order to hard-cut the...
  3. S

    [RT-AX88U] Running iperf/iperf3 on asuswrt-merlin

    I SSHed into the router but I cannot find the iperf/iperf3 binary included. I did a little digging and most threads just say that it is included in most dd-wrt builds. Is there a way I can get iperf on the router. Also, there doesn't seem to be a package manager I can use to download it. I...
  4. sfx2000

    iperf3 fun stuff

    Old stuff - but a goodie - wiki markup here... ====== Iperf3 ====== While Ookla (speedtest.net) is a great resource when out on public networks, I'd recommend having something on your LAN for more consistent and thorough results. Multi-platform support is key for a tool like this. We've...