merlin 384.7_2

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  1. C

    RT-AC68U merlin firmware issue

    Hello! I have not updated the firmware for a long time so now was the time to do it... I downloaded the latest merlin version for RT-AC68U. After update it still is version it should be ...384.7_2 or am I wrong? I also did a facrory reset but still it was
  2. P

    Merlin v 384.7_2 Wildcard in OpenVPN client setting not working - bug?

    After updating to version 384.7_2 on my RT-AC86U, there seems to be an issue with the OpenVPN routing (redirect internet traffic) setting. NOT working: - setting or leave empty as wildcard for local network (source) when using policy-based routing - selecting ALL as property for the...
  3. Abdalrahman Alkamel

    RT-AC87U Wireless config Page is not working

    Hi there, has anyone had this issue before ? when I navigate to the Wireless page in Asuswrt merlin 384.7_2 I get the page not functioning, I am not able to change the config at all, I disabled my 5G due to overheating before, now I cannot change anything else. I am getting the following...