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  1. R

    WiFi-router with robust media server for large media libraries?

    Are there any modern (preferably ASUS) consumer-grade WiFi routers with media servers that can reliably, nicely serve large (21k-music-file, 1k-video-file) libraries? Several years ago, ASUS didn't used to be able to serve large media libraries, so I'm wondering if they fixed that problem at...
  2. J

    DLNA is only visible to WiFI/LAN users of router (but not visible to L2 router)

    I have the following setup: Wired connection: ASUS AXE11000 router with Merlin firmware > 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Managed Switch DGS-1100-08P > SmartTV All devices connected to 8-port PoE are using same DHCP settings: 192.168.X.Y as asus router. DLNA is only visible to LAN or WiFi users...
  3. D

    RT-AX88U on 386.16 having MiniDLNA/DNS dropouts

    Good day, I attempted to upgrade my RT-AC68U (99.9% solid) to a RT-AX88U and I keep running into DNS dropping out and MiniDLNA completely crapping out. I've reverted back to my RT-AC68U, but I'll see if anyone has any suggestions. I wanted to upgrade for Wifi 6/AX, my wife's new Iphone...
  4. W

    avoid minidlna.log

    Hello I have tried to connect a HDD USB drive which is recognized by ASUS AC1900U, and through samba I can browse and use it. But I noticed that drive is constantly being used even if I'm not accessing it. It is scratching constantly. And Cpu1/cpu2 and RAM are almost 100% all the time... It...
  5. Lord Lovaduck

    Anybody using Gerbera DLNA server? (MediaTomb fork available on Entware)

    I was looking for an alternative to minidlna, and found Gerbera. Anybody using it and wants to comment on their experience? It has some on-the-fly transcoding capabilities that may help me. Thanks in advance!
  6. S

    How to access media server from WAN?

    I'm running the latest Rmerlin with the media server working perfectly on my home network. But how do I access it from outside my LAN so that I can stream video while on vacation? If somebody could list the necessary steps, that would be much appreciated. I'm running an RT-68U that is directly...
  7. R

    Minidlna dates in logfile are 1969?

    I am running an ac68u with merlin Firmware Version:382.2_beta2 The date command gives the proper date and newly created or modified files show the proper date with ls -l However, my new minidlna.log entries have a stamp from 1969: [1969/12/31 18:29:40] upnphttp.c:1358: error: send(res_buf)...
  8. 2

    Minidlna install - most acceptable way to install

    Hello all, I have been lurking here the past couple of years. Lots of good information. I have also been using Merlin’s builds for some time (Thank You Merlin!). Recently we cut the cord on Comcast cable. Now were using Roku devices (3) with Netflix. I’m interested in setting up a Media...
  9. L

    minidlna config unsuccessful

    Hello Latenintetech! I'm Lajos from Hungary, got an ASUS Rt-AC66U with latest Merlin and have I found Minidlna:--Common-Issues-&-Solutions wiki. I made it through, got 2 USB drive, one is EXT3 the other is NTFS (for the media), but unfortunatelly it doesn't work for me, it still building the...
  10. O

    minidlna not working on reboot?

    Hi here! I've recently got my hands on an RT-N66U device and have flashed v380.64 on the router. After setting up all my details, I wanted to get minidlna working on the device. These are the steps I took - apologies for the lengthy post, just adding as much detail as I can recall: 1. Under...