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I have tried to connect a HDD USB drive which is recognized by ASUS AC1900U, and through samba I can browse and use it.

But I noticed that drive is constantly being used even if I'm not accessing it. It is scratching constantly.

And Cpu1/cpu2 and RAM are almost 100% all the time...

It is formatted in HFS Mac mode (size 2TB) and it is plenty of stuff (some backups with thousand of folders).

I've noticed that during this eternal scratching, available space is slowly reducing as if the router is writing some files.

So I have checked in my computer that indeed it is. There are minidlna folders across all folders.

Is it possible to avoid this folders creation? I am afraid it will take ages.

Anyway, forgive my ignorance, but what are this folders for?

Are they created only once? So after this indexing the CPU&RAM won't be so high?

I plan to use this system as time machine backup.

Thanks a lot!


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I have just discovered it. And also that I can just Media serve some folders instead of full disk.
So I have tried to share a small dir and then the indexing process has been quite short.
I'll leave it in this way...

Amazing router!

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