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  1. Barddzen

    MoCA Setup from Media Panel in Garage

    Hello, MoCA noob here. I currently have my ISP modem setup in bridge mode to an Eero wireless mesh and it generally works. Current network speeds Eero garage: 600+ mbps Eero MBR: up to 400 mbps Eero Sun Room: up to 200 mbps I’ve tested these across multiple devices and I get these speeds on...
  2. GHammer

    Solved Cable Modem->VLAN Tagged Switch->MoCA Adapter->MoCA Adapter->VLAN Tagged Switch->AX86U Router

    I have a need to get the modem to another floor of a house that does not have the layout to pull ethernet cable from one location to the other. The cable modem also will not get moved as there are no drops in the area the router needs to be in. So, I thought, I'll just use the VLAN WAN...
  3. kelllogg9

    MOCA 2.0 Help Needed - Why Are my Speeds Slow in 1 Direction?

    The Problem: I have two PCs (both Win10). Both have the same specs. When i transfer from PC1 to PC2 across the 1Gbps network i get 112MB/s. However, when transferring the same file (after clearing the system file cache via RAMMap) from PC2 to PC1 i only get 50-70MB/s. My guess is the...
  4. S

    Frontier Fios MOCA setup

    Over the years I had switched back and forth between Verizon / Frontier Fios and Spectrum cable for my internet and cable TV programming. I have had a successful MOCA network with each of them. I have just switched again this time back to Frontier Fios but just for internet with plans to use a...
  5. D

    Translite Global TL-MC84 MOCA 2.5 not working with my Xfinity 1GBPS plan with dedicated switch and router

    Hello Everyone, I am using Xfinity 1GBPS net plan and my setup has a dedicated switch(SB8200) and Router TP LINK Archer AX6000 My Setup: I have a coax port(Xfinity Internet) which connects to modem and then ethernet LAN1 of modem to my router WAN port. I now want to use MOCA 2.5 in my media...
  6. U

    Actiontec Moca 2.0 issue Please help me

    Hello! I finally got my brand new pair of ECB6200K02 in the mail. I quickly got to work installing everything. First I will tell you my issue. My internet speed usually sits at about 470-480mbps(Spectrum cable), but now it is constantly 15-20mbps. So I went up into the attic and swapped the...
  7. S

    Having trouble with my Bonded MoCA 2.0 setup

    Hello SNB, First time poster long time lurker. I just recently purchased the Actiontec MoCA 2.0 adapters from my local Best Buy. I went to set it up and was using the original splitter that came with the adapters for my room, and our living room. The download speeds that I was getting with the...
  8. M

    Trying to find a single MoCA adapter unit

    I have Frontier internet currently which has MoCA adapter built in. They provided arris am525 MoCA wifi extender since they could not install the ONT near my main wifi devices. However I just learned they will be charging me for this monthly so I am returning it. I disabled the WiFi on this...