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  1. M

    Maximum log level

    What is the maximum log verbosity level on stock AsusWRT and on Merlin? I followed this guide and set level to 9, and now it is empty and shows nothing.
  2. ManuCH

    WAN (ISP DHCP) issues with 380.64_2 on RT-AC3200

    I've been running 380.62_1 on my RT-AC3200 and it was very stable (uptime >100 days), zero issues. Yesterday I thought I'd upgrade to 380.64_2. At first, routing didn't work at all (clients were not able to access the Internet, even though I was able to ping Internet IPs from the router's SSH...
  3. RASG

    [bug?] log level not respected after reboot

    I'm trying to set my ac66u log level to the most verbose possible. But after rebooting, it comes back to the normal level. Which level is that? I dont know, because the web interface still shows me 'debug' - 'all'. But tailing the syslog.log file i can see that its not verbose anymore. And...
  4. B

    Unable to Clear NVRAM of RT-N56U

    Okay, getting a bit desperate here. I want to get rid of the latest 4180 firmware, which is buggy on my RT-N56U, and go back to the earlier 3879 firmware. The big problem is: I can't clear the NVRAM on my router. No matter how many times I try, I'm still with the 4180 firmware. Here's what...
  5. MarvinAndro

    Review NVRAM-intensive settings - how-to?

    As soon as I upgraded to 380.64 the yellow bang started flashing saying I'm low on NVRAM and should "review nvram-intensive settings..." I've got only one OpenVPN server setup and a bunch of static MAC bindings for the gear I want to stick to the same IP. Before hitting the...
  6. Y

    Reducing NVRAM usage

    I am running into issues with NVRAM usage on RT-N16 (currently running John's fork, but I think this is a generic issue), and trying to figure out how we can free up more space. The device has a 32K nvram, and my current nvram usage is 29853 bytes (2915 left). I have two devices at two...
  7. C

    How to apply nvram changes from the CLI (RT-N66U)?

    I've got my script all worked out and doing what I expect, ala: ... nvram set vts_rulelist="<clusterfollow>80>>80>TCP" nvram commit And when I pull up the port forwarding configuration page, it shows the changes. However, if you go to the "System Log - Port Forwarding" page...
  8. R

    nvram set and commit not holding

    I am running a few commands via ssh: nvram set 0:ccode=#a nvram set 1:ccode=#a nvram set 0:regrev=0 nvram set 1:regrev=0 nvram set wl0_country_code=#a nvram set wl0_country_rev=0 nvram set wl0_reg_mode=off nvram set wl1_country_code=#a nvram set wl1_country_rev=0 nvram set wl1_reg_mode=off...
  9. B

    Apply nvram changes

    I want to be able to dynamically enable/disable my port forwarding rules via SSH. I have determined that the nvram setting that needs modified in order to do this is "vts_enable_x". When I change its value I'm able to see in the UI that the port forwarding enabled setting changes from "yes" to...
  10. M

    RT-AC66U - Script for separate VLANS and Subnets with DHCP

    I need the know-how from other guys to solve my problem :) After a couple of days of research, I don’t get it working. I'm desperately looking for some help to make it work. Current Hardware: ASUS RT-AC66U FW Version: 380.58_0 Current Network Setup: 1 port WAN; 4 port LAN with WIFI and a Guest...